20 unusual ways to make your garden fence as eye-catching as possible

Putting up an ordinary garden fence is not usually something people put much energy into. Yet you’d be surprised how a bit of imagination, as well as a pair of skilled hands, can transform it into something beautiful and eye-catching.

We at Bright Side have discovered a few ways to give your ordinary garden fence a creative makeover. Try some of these out, and we’re certain you’ll soon have some very impressed neighbors!

Let your imagination spread its wings by painting the fence with any pattern you want.

'Living paintings' look downright wonderful on a garden fence. And growing them is really quite simple.

Bright and cheerful bee designs for your flowerpots are sure to attract the neighbors’ attention. You can find a few more similar ideas here.

A simple but wonderful idea! Find out how you can do the same for your garden fence here.

You probably never realized that you can make ordinary tin cans into real works of art. Find out how to do it here.

This design will not only delight your neighbors but make the local birds happy as well. You can find this and a few other similar ideas right here.

Another great idea for using your bird feeder. 

You can give your garden fence a romantic feel by putting up some candles.

A plant pot in a picture frame, while sounding odd on paper, can actually look charming in reality. Find out how to do it here.

Use this method to get rid of old boxes you don't need anymore. 

Now there's a real work of art! We made our own thanks to the help of this site.

Not many garden fences can cheer you up, but when they’ve been adorned with this design, they sure can! There’s a few more similar ideas here.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most creative. You can find ones like this right here.

Everyone feels delight when they see a butterfly, and these ones are just exquisite. The way to make them is explained here.

Not many people know you can use rubber boots to make a delightfully cheerful decoration for your garden fence. 

If you haven’t got enough flowers in the garden, you can always use this method to hang a few more from your fence — and make it look beautiful in the process.

Some murals from cartoons and comic books are guaranteed to delight any children who walk past your garden fence.

Did you notice that these are actually mirrors? Here's how you can create this wonderful decoration.

The sea, palm trees, and the beach can be brought right up to your home. Find out how to do it here. 

One last way to create a celebratory or romantic mood right in your backyard. Some similar ideas can be found right here.

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