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20 Ways to Use Everyday Items That Made Us Think, “Hot Dang, These Are Gold!”

The Internet is flooded with life hacks, most of them useless and in many cases, dangerous as well. But real, helpful life hacks do exist, like camouflaging Airpods with a floss sticker or using toothpicks to keep your plants safe from your furry friends.

At Bright Side, after a lot of testing, we zeroed in on these 20 surprising ways of using everyday items that ought to be labeled as “real life hacks.”

1. “My younger sister camouflages her AirPods with a floss sticker.”

2. Use toothpaste to freshen up the soles of worn shoes.

3. An orbital buffer works just as well on your glass stovetop as it does on your car.

4. For what costs next to nothing, you can make a simple and effective homemade speaker for your smartphone from 2 styrofoam cups and an empty toilet paper roll.

5. You can perform emergency cycling shoe repairs with dental floss.

6. Cup holders double as burrito holders.

7. Put a stocking over the end of a vacuum to catch tiny items like earrings.

8. Parmesan cheese lids fit on mason jars.

9. Put matching sheet sets in their matching pillowcase to keep your closet organized.

10. A floss case phone stand

11. Use beer to get rid of slugs.

12. Use empty bottles as rolling pins.

13. Store onions in pantyhose.

14. An easy way to keep your earbuds untangled

15. Use toothpicks to protect your plants from pets.

16. You can use a plastic bottle as a temporary shower head.

17. The solution to a problem we’ve all faced

18. Forgot your iron while traveling? Use your laptop instead.

19. Lacking both counter space and bag clips? Try hanging 2 packets with 1 hanger.

20. If you have 2 damaged earphones, you can still listen to music.

Which of these did you find most outstanding? Do you also use your everyday things in unimaginable ways? Let us know in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Fascom / Imgur