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20 Who-Knew Uses of Pool Noodles That Can Make You Buy Them Right Away

A pool noodle is a really mysterious thing. It was invented only 3 decades ago, but since then it has become widely popular. Today, nearly every house has a bunch of pool noodles because they are affordable and multifunctional. So it’s no wonder that there are tons of various ways to use them in almost any situation.

We at Bright Side found 20 creative ways to use pool noodles that you’ve probably never thought of before.

20. Keep your boots upright.

19. Keep your wrists from getting fatigued when working on your computer.

18. Prevent creases in your clothes.

17. Make a door bumper to prevent it from banging into the wall.

16. Decorate the table with pool noodle napkin rings.

15. Keep the doors of your car from hitting the side of the garage.

14. Cut a pool noodle into pieces to teach your child word building.

13. Roll your rugs around pool noodles to prevent wrinkles on them.

12. Use a laundry basket to keep the fish you’ve caught alive.

11. Keep your brushes handy and dry.

10. Keep your children from falling out of bed.

9. Get prepared for an emergency with a disaster-ready toilet.

8. Make a safe, homemade baby seat.

7. Avoid campsite injuries.

6. Prevent a drawer organizer from moving every time you open and close a drawer.

5. Cover trampoline springs to prevent your fingers and toes from getting pinched.

4. Help your plants stand up.

3. Cover the steps of a bunk bed ladder.

2. Build an obstacle course for your children.

1. Organize your fishing rods.

Do you know any other ways to use pool noodles? Share your favorite hacks with us in the comments!

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