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21 Brilliant Camping Ideas That Work in Any Situation

Getting out of the city, whether it’s for a lengthy camping trip or just a weekend picnic, is always a great idea.

For those who’ve grown tired of monotonous food cooked over the campfire, and for all those who worry about the little difficulties of camping, we at Bright Side have put together this selection of tips that will make your time away from civilization a whole lot more comfortable.

An umbrella hung upside down from a branch is a great way to protect food from marauding ants.

If you’re planning a feast around the campfire, take some tin foil with you. This works wonders for keeping food fresh, allowing you to prepare things like...

...potatoes with chicken and cheese. Find out how to cook it when camping here.

Learn how to make tasty banana smores right here.

This one has a delicious cheese filling. Here’s the recipe.

The best camping food: make a strip of dough, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, twist on a skewer, and roast over the campfire.

A more detailed recipe can be found here.

You can do the same to get another campfire classic: sausage rolls.

A great recipe for them can be found on this website.

Try making apple pie in a can. You won’t be disappointed!

Find the details here.

Here’s another great idea: you can use the skin of an orange to make pastries and small cakes.

You can find a detailed recipe here.

If you have an old Tic Tac box or a tablet organizer, you can use them for bringing various spices or other little bits and pieces with you on your trip.

Instead of taking a big bar of soap with you everywhere you go, just cut off a small slice for use when you’re away.

A Swedish torch is a campfire made from just one log that can burn for several hours. They’re easy to cook food on, working just the same way as your stove at home.

Get the details here.

Out in the wild, glasses and cups are always getting lost or spilling everywhere. Use a muffin tray to overcome this problem.

You can effectively keep food protected with a shower cap.

Lots of little things we need on a daily basis can easily disappear when on a camping trip. If you lose your spoon, make a new one from a plastic bottle.

Bottles of frozen water can help keep other food and drink chilled when heading out for a picnic.

You can make instant coffee packets using coffee filters and dental floss.

You can make a candle from orange peel and some oil.

Find out how to make one here.

You can make an omelet with ease in a pan of water with the help of a plastic bag.

You can open a tin can by rubbing it against a rock.

Find out about this and other methods for opening cans without a can opener here.

Attach a leather belt to a tree trunk to give yourself a place to hang up various items while camping.

Use this specially designed tool if you’re tired of sausages always falling into the campfire.

You can either buy one or make it yourself. Find out how to make your own here.

Waterproofing matches

The simplest way to waterproof matches is to dip the match heads in the toothpaste.

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