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21 Ingeniously Creative Ways to Upcycle Old Jeans

Today, we at Bright Side have put together some great ideas for you to make the most out of your old jeans and turn them into new masterpieces. If you have any other ideas of how to repurpose old things, please share them in the comments section below. We are excited to hear your thoughts!

Teddy bear

You’ll need a little time to make a teddy bear like this, but your patience will definitely bring you a great result. You can decorate the toy in any way you like by adding buttons, ribbons, or any other embellishment. Find the detailed instructions here.

Denim placemat

This original denim placemat can add a touch of beauty to any dinner setting. The full tutorial on how to make it is here.


A hole in your jeans isn’t a reason to throw them away. You can easily turn them into an original snack or makeup bag. This blog will help you.

Kid’s chair cover

This is an easy solution for storing and organizing all of your child’s art supplies. Follow this link for details.

Organizing small necessities

Organizers like these are great for storing everything from your yarn stash and craft supplies to magazines or books. The step-by-step instructions are available here.

Crowns for little princes and princesses

Why not create a regal crown? Even a beginner will be able to create such a play crown, and your children will definitely like this original accessory. If you’d like to learn more about this easy sewing project, visit this website.


This idea is so simple that you can put it into practice right away.

All-purpose basket

This unique basket will make a great centerpiece for any dining room table. The detailed tutorial with pictures and tips can be found here.

Gadget covers

Even a sewing novice can make these stylish covers.

Denim rug

Do you like this idea? 6-7 pairs of jeans and a little patience are everything you will need to create this DIY rug. This blog will tell you how to sew the fabric pieces together quickly and easily.

Denim pouf

Here is one more way to transform old jeans into a useful and stylish piece of furniture. The secrets of making a pouf like this are revealed in this blog.

Christmas stocking

These fun ideas and tips will make your Christmas preparations a real cinch.

Magazine rack

By using old jeans and several metal tubes you can create a stylish rack for magazines, books, and newspapers. See the instructions here.

Christmas tree decorations

These Christmas decorations are not only beautiful and artsy, but they are safe for your kids as well. Use this tutorial to learn how to make such toys.

Kettle coaster

This cozy kettle coaster is very easy to make. Just follow the steps shown in the pictures here.

Organizer with lots of pockets

This great pocket organizer will come in handy in any home. This blogger will tell you how to make it.

Cup coaster

Making handmade gifts is easier than it may seem. Just use the hems from old jeans to create an original denim coaster like this. The instruction is here.

Fruit basket

Keeping fruits in a denim basket is very stylish. This blog will teach you how to weave it.

Denim craft aprons

These aprons are ideal for young artists, sculptors, and architects. Your kids will definitely love the pockets. Besides, these cute aprons are very easy to make. Just follow this instruction.

Bag for storing toys

These denim bags will help you organize toys of various sizes throughout your home. The full tutorial is available here.

Bonus: shapen your old razor blades

Gather a pair of old jeans for sharpening. Place an empty toilet paper roll inside the jeans. Run your razor along your jeans. Do this about approximately 20 times in one direction with short, quick strokes. Then perform the same motion in the opposite direction (on the same section of denim) as well.

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