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21 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Clothes and Shoes in Perfect Condition

Here are 20 simple tricks which can help keep your clothes and shoes in immaculate condition.

  1. Use lemon juice or baking soda to get rid of underarm stains on your clothes.
  1. Place a sweater in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours and it won’t get tangled or crumpled up.
  1. You can get rid of static electricity on your clothing by wiping it with the underside of an ordinary tissue.
  1. Slightly crumpled clothing can be made smooth by using hair straighteners.
  1. Get rid of foundation stains on light clothing by using shaving foam.
  1. Stretch narrow shoes to fit your feet using the following method: Pour some water into resealable plastic bags, place them carefully inside the shoes, and the put them in the freezer overnight.
  1. To get rid of a stain caused by red wine, pour on some white wine, and then sprinkle baking soda on top of that. Leave for 2-3 hours then wash off.
  1. To prevent knee-length boots from loosing their original shape, place old magazines inside them.
  1. Rub the heels of your feet with a stick of deodorant, and new shoes won’t rub against them.
  1. To make a leather coat softer, get it wet by walking around in it when it’s raining.
  1. You can get rid of lipstick stains by using hair spray.
  1. If you’ve lost the clasp stud for an earring, use part of a rubber from a pencil to hold it in place temporarily.
  1. To avoid getting blisters from new flat shoes, put on some thick socks and then the shoes. Blow dry the area where the shoes feel tight for a few minutes. Repeat several times.
  1. You can fix weakened glasses frames by using nail varnish.
  1. Clean up scuffed suede shoes using an ordinary eraser.
  1. Use a razor to remove fuzz from a sweater.
  1. You can use an ordinary graphite pencil to fix a broken zipper. Simply rub the graphite part over the teeth of the zipper to get it moving again.
  1. Mix together detergent and baking soda in a bowl. Use an old toothbrush to wipe the solution onto the white soles of trainers and converse shoes. This will help keep them clean.
  1. You can tuck loose jeans into shoes using the following method:
  1. Add half a cup of distilled vinegar to the washing machine to prevent dark jeans from leaking colour.

21. To keep your shirt tucked in all day make a pleat at the side of each hip. Use your thumb and index finger to "pinch" towards the back any excess fabric from the side seams.

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