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22 Home Organization Hacks That Work Better Than a Magic Wand

Finding a place for storing things, especially in small apartments, is really hard — different shelves usually take a lot of space themselves and don’t make the place more beautiful. So, if you own a small apartment, it can be a real challenge to find a good place for something and then find a necessary item. However, there is a solution: the modern world offers a lot of different ways that make the place both beautiful, cozy, and convenient to use.

Bright Side is going to show you different shelves, organizers, and different things that any house needs.

1. For belts and ties

It tends to be difficult to find enough space for ties and belts: the former get crumpled and the latter should be rolled which may lead to the appearance of cracks on the leather. An organizer can help you both keep these things safe and free up some space in your wardrobe.

2. For shoes

Shoe boxes take up a lot of space and the shoes themselves can be damaged. These special things don’t take up much space and can protect your shoes and boots from getting deformed.

3. For the bathroom and the kitchen

A simple metal shelf with a suction cup can help you get your things in order in the kitchen and sponges with small bottles in the bathroom will always be easy to reach.

4. For small kitchen items

If you have a small kitchen, you know what’s it’s like to try to find enough space for everything. So, if you get a shelf that you can attach to a wall or to the fridge, that will help you store a lot of necessary things without taking up too much room.

5. For the kitchen and the bathroom

This is a flexible construction that allows you to set the holder in any direction. You can put it in a corner or on a flat wall.

6. For soap and towels

Holders for towels and soap are great for such taps as you might have in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

7. For any small things

A universal organizer that is great for people who need to have a lot of things and access them at any time they need to. You don’t have to drill holes in the wall as there is velcro on the back.

8. For plates and utensils

If you put special cabinets on the wall in the kitchen, you can hang a shelf to store plates and utensils.

9. For fruit and eggs

Oranges, lemons, tangerines, and even eggs can be stored in this unusual organizer that doesn’t only save room but also serves as a decoration for any kitchen.

10. A grate for the sink and a shelf for hot things

This is a universal shelf that can be used to dry washed dishes and fruit and to protect the kitchen surface from hot frying pans.

11. For knives

There are magnetic plates that are used by professional cooks. You can use them to hold knives and other utensils.

12. For cans

If you need to place several soda cans in your fridge, use this unusual thing that can help you save space on the shelves.

13. For tin foil, film, and towels

This organizer allows you to store trash bags, tin foil, film, and even duct tape all in one place. Besides, the special mechanism allows you to get the exact amount you need.

14. For cutting boards

A simple metal shelf is designed to be attached to both wall cabinets and the ones that are placed on the floor.

15. For cans and bottles

This is a narrow plastic shelf that is great for storing bottles with drinks, oils, and bottles with grains. It doesn’t take up much space. Besides, the little wheels make it more portable.

16. For clothes

This board for folding clothes is great for saving space in a wardrobe — it is great for folding not only T-shirts but also sweaters.

17. For kitchen utensils

Almost all things that are needed to cook food can be placed on one shelf — knives, bottles with spices, and cutting boards.

18. For any bottles

This turning holder is great for detergents and different sauces, and the special wheel allows you to get the necessary bottle really quickly.

19. For plates and frying pans

This device can be used for storing plates, frying pans, lids, and cutting boards both horizontally and vertically.

20. For a closet under the sink

The space under the sink is rarely used because of the pipes. This problem can be used by a set of shelves, and its fragments can be adjusted.

21. For onion and garlic

In order to keep the onion fresh, it needs to “breathe.” Nowadays, there are special bags with comfortable valves for ventilation.

22. A universal organizer

The shelves and the hooks in this organizer can be used in any order you need so you can store things of different sizes and shapes.

Bonus: concrete hands for the garden.

There is an easy way to make a beautiful decoration for your garden. Just get a pair of garden gloves and pour cement inside. Shape them the way you want them to look. Let the concrete dry, peel off the gloves, and your hand planters are good to go!

Did you like any of these ideas? Do you think you will use them? Tell us in the comments section below.

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