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23 superb ways to use an old picture frame

If you have an old picture frame, don't rush to get rid of it. You can use it again by turning it into something new and practical. It sounds surprising, but you can even make a chair with a frame!

Bright Side collected 23 easy ways to transform old frames into useful things or beautiful interior decorations.

1. A mirror frame

The most obvious way to use an old picture frame is to create a new mirror frame.

2. A tray

You can make a nice tray for storing small items or fruits using a mid-sized frame.

3. A chair for kids

This is an unexpected way to give new life to an old frame, wouldn't you agree? Check out the detailed instructions here.

4. A terrarium for plants

Plants growing in a terrarium usually require less attention. Therefore, this is a great idea for those who don't have enough time to care for their home garden properly.

5. A pincushion

Using small frames, you can easily make cute pincushions. Click here to see how to do it.

6. A living picture

You can make a creative vase holder or living picture out of succulent plants.

7. A jewelry board

This is an unusual way for storing your jewelry to keep everything within reach. Check here and here to see how to turn a frame into this interior decoration.

8. A coffee table

An old frame can also be used to create a nice coffee table. Get more details here

9. A message board

If you often leave notes for your family, you'll find a board like this very convenient. Check out the detailed instructions here and here

10. An organizer for your desk

Make an organizer like this in order to stop wasting time looking for the right items. From now on they will always be within reach.

11. A gadget holder

This is a perfect holder for storing and charging your tablet or smartphone. Click here to see the tutorials.

12. A chessboard

If you like this game, why wouldn't you try to make your own chessboard?

13. Wall clocks

Try making unique wall clocks like these with small picture frames.

14. Molding

You can use frames instead of moldings for your walls or ceiling. Check here for how to do it.

15. A shelf

Click here to see how to transform frames into beautiful and convenient shelves.

16. Herb dryer

This is a really useful device for those who collect different herbs for medicinal or culinary purposes. Here are the detailed instructions.

17. A key hanger

You'll love this idea if you're someone who runs around looking for their keys every morning.

18. A towel hanger

It turns out that towel and bathrobe hangers can make your bathroom look cozier. Click here for more details.

19. A photo collage

Click here to see how to turn picture frames into a bright photo collage.

20. Refrigerator magnets

These magnets are perfect for displaying family photos and kids' drawings. You can see the instructions on making them here and here.

21. A wall cabinet for the bathroom

This is a great idea for creating a small secret cabinet for your bathroom.

22. A headboard

Click here to see how to make an unusual headboard using large picture frames.

23. An event calendar

With a calendar like this, you'll never forget all the important events of the week or month. Moreover, you can put your work or school schedule here.

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