24 Etiquette Rules Every Lady Must Know

Etiquette rules are quite simple if you just give them a try and sort them out. Anyone can learn these rules.

Bright Side describes all the modern etiquette rules that are necessary to know to be respected in society and make your life more comfortable.

When you have guests

  • If guests come to your home for the first time, show them where the bathroom is so they can freshen up, and only then invite them to join the others.
  • If your guests brought food or drinks as a gift, put them on the table where everyone can try them.

When you are a guest

  • If you need to leave a party early, just ask the hosts for a moment and tell them that you have to go. Don’t say goodbye to the other guests as they might take it as a cue to leave.

In a restaurant

  • If it’s very hot, don’t cool yourself down by waving a napkin. Just tell a waiter that you are not getting enough fresh air, and ask him to turn the air conditioner on.
  • Don’t lay out the contents of your purse in a public place.
  • If you need to brush your hair, do it in the ladies’ room.
  • You can put on lipstick at the table. However, you should only apply mascara and powder in the bathroom.

Communication rules

  • Don’t forget about etiquette rules when at home. For instance, it’s very rude to shout from another room. Besides, you might get used to such behavior, and it will make a bad impression on other people.

Table manners

  • It’s rude to refill only your glass. First, ask if the person sitting next to you would like a refill.
  • Don’t take a long time to choose the best piece of food on a plate. Take the nearest piece.
  • Don’t put a soup spoon on the table during dinner or after it. Leave the spoon in the bowl so as not to make the tablecloth dirty.
  • When holding a teacup, place your fingers to the front and the back of the handle. However, you can loop your fingers around the handle when drinking coffee.

General rules

  • Remember: when at work, it’s not ok to lay out your makeup or put your purse or hat on your desk . Find a different place for that.
  • If you are sitting on a low chair, don’t cross your legs. Hold your knees together, and lean them to the side. You can cross your legs only if you put one foot right behind the other.

Public cloakrooms

  • If the place you are visiting doesn’t have a cloakroom, put your clothes on special hangers inside.
  • It’s ok to fix your hair in the cloakroom, but you shouldn’t do your makeup, brush your hair, or tie your tie. Go to the bathroom if you need to do something like that.
  • Sometimes it’s ok for women (but not for men) to wear a coat inside.
  • All large items should be left in a cloakroom: umbrellas, huge bags, briefcases (if there is nothing valuable inside). The only exception is a lady’s purse.

Car etiquette

  • When a lady gets into a car, she shouldn’t “step“ into it. She should sit on the edge of the seat and ”pull" her legs into the car. When getting out of the car, she should put her feet on the road and then stand up.
  • In the 21st century, it’s no longer necessary for a man to pick a lady up. If you have your own car, you can meet at the party.
  • If you are leaving in your own car, your boyfriend can walk you to the car and make sure you locked the doors safely. Of course, you can offer to give him a lift if he lives nearby.
  • Men and women can sit together in the back only if they know each other well enough.
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