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19 Hilariously Brilliant Female Tricks That Should Not Go Unnoticed

If a woman faces a problem, she deals with it. Sometimes she can use a very unusual, yet effective way to do it. That’s exactly what we want to share with you in this article.

Bright Side gathered the most memorable tricks that you can easily use if you ever come across a similar problem.

19. This is how you take a selfie if you’re flexible and own a special pair of shoes:

18. When your feet are tired after wearing heels, just use paper bags from McDonald’s.

17. If you’re really thirsty, just make a long drinking straw.

16. When you don’t have a phone holder, but you do have a doll.

15. “I knew this would come in handy one day.”

14. A good way to organize your hair extensions:

13. Who says car trips can’t be comfortable?

12. Using an app on the phone, you can check if a nail color suits you. Take a photo of the color you like and fit it to your nail.

11. A low-budget hair extension:

10. When you can’t decide what cereal you really want:

9. A cool trick for people who don’t know how to sew:

8. A genius trick if you don’t have a sleeping mask:

7. It’s hard to give girls a ride when you have such air fresheners...

6. When you don’t like pizza crust:

5. A nice idea for those who are determined to bring their snacks to the movies:

4. This will leave behind the battle of the toilet seat position:

3. A very subtle way of letting people know you have a boyfriend:

2. Never lose your false eyelashes again.

1. How to hide your pimples like a queen:

Do you know more tricks that girls use? Share in the comments below!

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