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24 Ideas That Can Make Your Life Even More Comfortable

To make the interior of your home cozy and use your space in the smartest way possible, you don’t have to hire a designer. Sometimes even very simple things can help you solve a difficult task.

Bright Side has collected 24 ideas that will make your house much more comfortable.

1. Homemade makeup box

2. When your wardrobe is small and you have a lot of clothes:

3. Another life hack for a small wardrobe

4. Convenient detergent storage

5. A cool way to store your glasses

6. Plastic containers will help keep your fridge clean.

7. A life hack for storing your winter shoes

8. Wine corks are very useful.

9. You can keep your jewelry on bottles and...a grater!

10. Make things clear.

11. Silverware is always easy to find.

12. Pins for scarves

13. This time we won’t lose them.

14. I know what I’m going to do now.

15. Yogurt cartons can be great organizers.

16. For him

17. For her

18. When you don’t need shelves:

19. Now we can get more spices!

20. All belts should be kept together.

21. 2 pins solve the headphones problem.

22. Magazine storage? No, it’s a hair dryer holder.

23. Or for frying pans!


— Did you buy new shoes again?

— No.

— Can I borrow them?

Which idea was the most interesting to you? Tell us in the comment section below!

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