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26 People Who Could Make Millions With Their Life Hacks

Laziness and savvy together create an explosive mixture that catalyzes the appearance of the coolest life hacks. Internet users don’t get tired of inventing new tricks to make their lives easier. For example, they find original coasters for a phone or wine, make a mixer from a drill, and make slippers from plastic bottles. If you don’t find their inventions useful, then we can at least guarantee that your mood will drastically improve.

Today Bright Side collected 26 photos for you with life hacks from people whose ingenuity could be enough for the whole planet. At the end of the article, there’s a bonus that will help you immensely save some time.

This guy’s phone touchscreen went dead, but he found a great solution!

When you don’t have a mixer nearby but you really want to bake a cake:

Life hack for desperate electricians: how to quickly ground the wire.

Now you know how to prevent your head from nodding when on a long flight.

“They asked me to fix the lock and I found the perfect solution.”

No candles for a birthday cake? Not an issue — your smartphone can help.

To warm up all the hot dogs in the microwave at once, use toothpicks and a little imagination.

Making slippers out of plastic bottles... Is this even legal?

If your girlfriend prefers nuggets to sweets, then you know how to win her heart:

How to protect your phone on a sandy beach:

A guy brought his parrot to the club. It’s probably the most successful he’s ever been with girls.

Turns out a box with chocolates doesn’t sink in water.

How to effectively fight plagiarism:

When you’re longing to warm your bones near a fireplace:

Instead of a stand for your phone, you can use a box of dental floss.

Is the “Check Engine” icon on the dashboard of your car on? No problem — just put some tape over it.

Want to feel like you’re not the only one home?

A little trick that will help you survive a meeting with a polar bear.

Any public toilet can become your personal toilet if you hang an ’out of order’ sign on it.

You can take your favorite video game with you so you don’t get bored on public transport. At the same time, it might be worth taking a big screen.

Purr-fect phone stand.

Dogs, by the way, are just as useful as cats.

“Forget the wooden spoon, here’s a life hack that actually works: wire cooling rack.”

Now you know what to replace the broken side mirror of the car with.

How to turn off the light if you are already in bed and don’t want to get up:

Bonus: use the original package to heat up popcorn and avoid another dirty plate by cutting out the center.

Are you aware of any other life hacks? Please share them in the comments.

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