26 simple yet wonderful ideas for your interior

You don't have to spend lots of money to make your house cozy and stylish - you just need some ordinary household utensils, a little imagination, and a desire to change something. And, of course, you can always take a look at what Bright Side shares with you from time to time!

So what can we do to turn our apartment into a real nest without great expenses?

1. Use ribbons instead of rings and pegs

Redesign your windows with colorful ribbons, like this. It looks fresh, airy, and imaginative.

2. Upgrade your drapes with an edge lining

You can change the way your drapes look without buying new ones by adding an interesting edge lining. You can stick a ribbon with pompoms on it (like this) or sew a decorative piping with an ornament (guide here). There are lots of options to suit anyone's taste.

3. Handmade decoration for plant pots

If you freshen up your windows, why not do the same for the flowerpots on your window sills? Here, here, and here are a few samples of what you can easily do. All you need are a couple of single-tone pots, a bit of paint, and your imagination.

4. Make a felt-tip pen drawing on your lamp

A little patience and a felt-tip pen - and your own one-of-a-kind lamp is ready. For a guide on how to make a drawing on a lampshade, look through this blog.

5. Decorate a lamp with materials at hand

You can conceal that lamp stand you don't like with simple twigs, like it's done here, and decorate the stand of a floor lamp with a rope (example here).

6. A handmade clock

You can make your own imaginative clock just like the ones in expensive interior design stores in just a matter of a few hours - it's not as hard as it may seem. Here is the guide to make a blackboard clock, and here is the instruction for making a genuine pin-up clock.

7. Make a minibar out of an old cupboard

If your ancient cupboard still lives with you for no clear reason, make a purpose for it: create your very own and modern minibar! And it's not necessary to keep alcoholic beverages in it. Here's what we would suggest.

8. Use corner shelves

The kitchen is the part of your apartment that always needs more room, whatever the size. That's why, instead of large cabinets, you can use light open shelves. Ideas for kitchen shelves are located in this blog and this blog.

9. Make an additional shelf for spices

It's common knowledge that a kitchen can be crowded - including your storage space. These bloggers suggest solving this issue with an additional spice shelf you can easily make with your own hands.

10. Use the doors of your cabinets

The inner part of your kitchen cabinets can be turned into a great storage device. Here and here are the variants for you to take note.

11. Make a rack for magazines

This simple yet efficient rack will help you keep your magazines and recipe books close at hand. The sides of your furniture are usually empty, so why not make them useful? A guide and materials to use are here.

12. Make a canvas 'wallpaper' for your door

Take some patterned canvas and cornstarch glue, and your boring door transforms into something creative. Such 'wallpaper' is simple to take off, so when you're tired of the pattern you can easily remove it and change it for something else. The decoration process is described in this blog.

13. Colorfully paint your doormat

Your doormat can also be interesting - just paint it with bright and unusual colors. See this blog for a guide on how to make your doormat creative.

14. Make a bath rug of natural materials

Cork is a great natural material that dries quickly and saves heat. It's also pleasant to step on such a rug. Making it out of wine corks will definitely arouse sweet moments from your past. See the guide on how to do it here.

15. Hang a wall panel

Various cute little things are nice for decorating an empty wall - for example, old postcards or, once again, wine corks. A cork panel can also be used as a hanging organizer for pictures or notes. To pick and place the elements with taste, look here and here.

16. Make a photo exhibition

Photo albums are great, but some pictures are to be looked at constantly. Photos can become a wonderful addition to your interior design if you arrange them properly. Here and here are the examples of such arrangements.

17. Add some color to your door

This idea is perfect for those who want to liven up their home but can't make radical changes. You can even do this in a rented apartment, because returning to the initial look is easy. See here how it's done.

18. Painting your old linoleum

Old linoleum in the bathroom or kitchen makes even the nicest interior look shabby. Acrylic paint will give you a hand. Pick a color of your liking, and see how the painting is done here.

19. Make a hanging shelf out of a tabletop shelf

A desk often lacks space to store various knickknacks. In this case, a tabletop shelf can easily be made into a hanging one, and it'll fold too. It doesn't only make more room, but adds some color as well. A simple guide for it is here.

20. Decorate your clothes hangers

A great idea if you use an open wardrobe for your clothes. However, even if you have a closed one, these hangers will lift your mood every time you open the doors and look at them. Ideas and decorating techniques are here.

21. Put a thin bookcase in an empty corner

Corridors almost always have such small corners and niches where seemingly nothing fits. Nevertheless, you can use this space to hold a small bookcase, as shown in this blog. The bookcase is quite simple and doesn't require expensive supplies.

22. Make a backsplash out of a map

You can make a backsplash for your kitchen out of virtually anything - for instance, here it is made from a map. However, you can use whatever you like: paper, decorative napkins, or old magazines. You'll also need thin plywood, glue, and finishing varnish.

23. Hang your pictures evenly with the help of paper and tape

To hang your pictures on a wall without problems, you can have a trial run for your future composition using ordinary paper, like this.

24. Use schematics for pictures

It's important not only to hang pictures evenly, but also to place them properly - then your wall will look not like a set of separate images, but a completely composed arrangement. You can find more schematics here.

25. Lay your carpet properly

Proper placement of your carpet will add to the overall attractiveness of your apartment. Sometimes it's enough to move your furniture a bit closer together. By the way, the room will look larger if you decorate it with a soft-tone single-color carpet without texturized patterns.

26. Make a pullout shelf behind the fridge

You can even use the space behind your fridge or stove if you put a pullout shelf in there. It's not the simplest of things to do, but the result will pay off for a very long time. Here is the guide on how to make it.

Preview image credit: Daniel Shubin

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