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28 Cool Design Ideas That Gave a New Life to Ordinary Things

Millions of designers around the world develop new devices that surprise us. But there are also designers that like to upgrade existing things.

We at Bright Side decided to show you how everyday things can change if a designer adds a bit of creativity.

28. Child-safe plug. It looks like it’s worried, but the parents are happy.

27. Rubik’s Cube for visually impaired people

26. You won’t lose your keys with this key organizer!

25. This biker’s jacket with turn lights shows where the biker will make a turn. What a great way to be safe in traffic.

24. These smart socks will count your steps during training and tell you if you have an injury.

23. This network splitter can be attached anywhere, and anything can be plugged into it.

22. This cute key holder is also a great self-defense device.

21. Just open and drink this new type of 2-in-1 coffee: a drink and a straw.

20. This transformer-package is for those who just moved and haven’t bought a lamp yet.

19. A dry soap dispenser. No time to explain. Just wash your hands!

18. A drawer-ladder won’t let you hide gifts on the top shelf, but at least it’s all in reach now.

17. Dumbbell water bottle: just add water, and training will begin.

16. With this tape holder, you won’t have to find the edge anymore. It can’t hide from you!

15. Air-less car tires let you easily drive on a road of nails.

14. A stamp for those who like to make plans

13. Inflatable light bulbs: the brighter the light, the bigger the bulbs become.

12. This umbrella with an ergonomic handle won’t escape from you anymore.

11. This transformer-bike doesn’t weigh much and looks stylish.

10. A cheat-sheet tablecloth for people who are learning table etiquette.

9. A vacuum cleaning system for small waste

8. With this ergonomic crutch, your hands will be free, but you’ll feel like a pirate.

7. A seat lock. Nothing much. Both the seat and the bike are safe now.

6. A thimble-cutter to easily open boxes

5. This coffee-to-go bottle clings to any surface and looks great.

4. Use a bottle-opener-container, and you won’t have to clean up after the party anymore.

3. This training T-shirt will tell you when you may go home.

2. No more kids’ tears while you’re showering them. Brilliant!

1. A tap extension is a great idea for parents who want to teach their kids to be more independent.

We’re sure that any of these devices can make your life a little more simple. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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