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32 Utterly Weird Inventions That Actually Exist

Some inventions are created to make our life easier. But the border between brilliance and craziness is really thin, and that’s why certain good intentions can make everything worse. However, we can only dream about such a vivid imagination!

Bright Side shares the craziest inventions created by true geniuses.

32. When you’re an inventor but not an engineer:

31. Twice as effective as a gym!

30. Well, this example of use is a modest one.

29. When you have no time to explain. Or put on your makeup. Or whatever.

28. When you can’t decide whether you want a dog or a duck:

27. It’s better than any power bank.

26. Imagine a problem. Invent a solution.

25. It definitely takes less time.

24. The explanation for why you are wearing such glasses will be worth it.

23. When you respect every detail of your image:

22. Finally! Someone decided to invent it.

21. No comments here. Everyone can interpret it on their own.

20. When you only have a few details and there are no other variants:

19. A patriotic water bike

18. And your smile becomes perfect immediately!

17. For the most cunning people...

16. At least no one will make jokes around you.

15. Who else will care about your back?

14. When you’re late and you need to dig your car out immediately:

13. It saves your jeans.

12. If you’ve always dreamed of having a chicken at home...

11. Drink coffee, and don’t feel lonely!

10. Because your phone should always be in front of your eyes!

9. When you’re a bit lazy:

8. Now there are no problems carrying your baggage when you travel.

7. Does it look like a cockroach?

6. When you want to be a football legend but you’re a bit lazy:

5. Express manicure

4. To make sure you do it just right:

3. When you’re not satisfied with the shape of your nose but you’re afraid of surgery:

2. If men really want to know how it feels to be a mother....

1. You know what to do if your colleagues drive you crazy.

All these inventions cause lots of questions. Have you ever seen any of them in real life? Or do you have your own amazing examples? Share them with us!

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