35 Free Websites That Make Your Time Spent on the Internet Productive

Have you ever found yourself surfing the internet pointlessly and failing to find anything useful for yourself? We've got good news for you.

Bright Side has found a bunch of free websites that will help you to work more productively, pump up your brain, relieve stress, find a good movie, and make your life better in general.

For your studies, work, and brain

  • Coursera - Free online multilingual courses from the top teachers and universities in the world.

  • Future Learn – Online courses in a diverse range of subjects from 2 to 10 weeks long. You can learn by watching videos, listening to audio and reading articles.
  • LingvoLive – The most detailed dictionary of foreign words that include a lot of examples, phrases, and high-quality voicing.
  • Brain.fm – Music that will help you focus. The website uses particular sound frequencies that allow you to concentrate, get less tired, and stay focused.
  • Noisli – High-quality relaxing sounds that you can mix together to create a comfortable atmosphere for yourself. Just use headphones and close your eyes.
  • Wikium – Memory, attention, and thinking training. You can follow an individual program based on your needs and preferences.
  • Luminosity – A great website for training your memory, attention, and thinking through play.
  • NeuroNation – Another website that uses different approaches to brain development and memory boosts. You can even create an individual training program.
  • Wikiwand – It's better than Wikipedia!

For traveling

  • Love Volunteers – One of the best websites if you want to be a traveler and volunteer.

  • Nomadlist – One of the most detailed city statistics. Just choose a city and analyze the costs of living, transportation, internet quality, number of men and women and many other basic parameters.
  • Roadtrippers – For those who decide to explore the world (or if you're planning a long trip). Route planning, accommodation costs, diners, gas stations and many other helpful tidbits.
  • Momondo – A few people know that apart from cheap tickets, this website can provide you with any type of information like what's the best time to visit a certain city, when the weather is more pleasant, and where you should begin your journey. If you don't know where to start, Momondo will show you the best destinations and prices.
  • Skyscanner – Here you can find attractive offers for plane tickets.
  • Maps.me – The best maps that work without internet connection. You can also put your must-see destinations in Maps.me.
  • Trivago, Booking – The most reliable websites for booking hotels.
  • TripAdvisor - A website that provides a lot of information on the places worth visiting when you're traveling abroad. Each location has its own rating and visitors' feedback.
  • Sublet - A website with a wide range of apartments available for rent. It's very useful especially if you plan on staying only for several nights in the city.

For texts, photos, and presentations

  • Telegra.ph –The quickest way to write a blog post.

  • FineReader, Online OCR — Recognizes text in pictures and converts them into an editable format.

  • Grammarly – One of the best websites that finds grammar and spelling mistakes in any text.

  • Fotor – Use this quickly and easily by using the photo editor to make a collage, fix the lighting, color, or crop an image.
  • Prezi – A website for making cool 3D-presentations that will make your performance very memorable.
  • flv2mp3 – Here you can convert a YouTube video into an MP3 file and listen to it on your smartphone (this is convenient for lectures and master classes).

For hobby and leisure

  • Tunefind – Search for music from TV series and movies. Choose an episode, watch and listen to its tracklist.

  • Checkli – This website is replete with different check-lists. Just find the one that suits you, print it out, and put it on your fridge.

  • Getpocket and Instapaper – Two good websites that help you save interesting articles for further reading.
  • Midomi – You can find a song's name just by singing or humming it.
  • Snapguide – Thousands of how-to guides that help you create stuff with your hands.
  • Narro — Turns any text into an audio podcast.
  • Foodily – You can find almost any recipe here.
  • Firetalks – Here, you can start an anonymous conversation available to other people only if you provide them with a link or a password.

Do you know any interesting and useful websites? Share them with us in the comments.

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