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5 Car Tricks That Can Save You From Big Trouble One Day

Every day, drivers seek help on different car forums trying to find answers. For example, why is there cold air in the glove compartment when the car is being heated? Car drivers with a lot of experience share their knowledge and also talk about their tricks that help to solve certain problems and explain what you should do in various emergency situations.

Bright Side has collected 5 car tricks that we think are useful for all car owners. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus that will help you protect yourself from car thieves.

5. Use the glove compartment as a fridge.

In many modern cars, you’ll find a nice bonus in the glove compartment. There is a vent that you can open in order to let cold air from the air conditioner inside. You can’t freeze a steak in the glove compartment, but you can use this feature to cool down drinks or store sandwiches when you are on the road.

Many people argue over how useful this fridge really is: some people think it is an unnecessary hole in the compartment, others think that it’s really convenient. Some people even buy a special hose to create a fridge in their cars.

4. Telescopic wheel wrench

If you need to replace a wheel, then the wrench on the right is the best tool. You can make it longer by using a tube and turning it into a telescopic wheel wrench. It will be easier for you to use your own weight to unscrew the nuts.

3. Insert a screw into the tire in order to drive to a mechanic.

If you have some driving experience, then you are definitely familiar with the situation where someone else on the road points at your tire, letting you know that there is an air leak. But not everyone has a special repair kit in their trunk, so we have to remove the entire wheel to be able to drive.

You can use a screw to close up the leak at least for a short time as shown in the picture. But you should remember that it’s only a temporary solution — you need to get to a mechanic as soon as possible.

2. Make a solution of water and anti-freeze.

In the warm season, many people want to save money, so they use regular water instead of anti-freeze for washing the windshield. But you should know that when the cold comes, the tank inside your car can deform or even crack.

Some car drivers use anti-freeze when the temperature goes below zero at night. During the day, when the temperature is above zero, the liquid starts to smell. In order not to destroy the tank, you can make a solution:

  • 0.5 gallons of anti-freeze should be mixed with 0.25 gallons of distilled water.

This way you will have enough antifreeze and won’t damage the tank.

1. Use a screwdriver to put oil in the car.

If you are afraid of spilling oil, use a screwdriver. It is the same basic principle as a bar spoon for cocktails. For this it’s even better because washing a screwdriver after this procedure is really simple.

Bonus: A new thing that thieves do on the road

As you have probably noticed, the photo above doesn’t show a screw or a nail, but a tube. If the tire was pierced with a screw, the hole would be closed and you could drive a long way with it but the metal tube allows the air to leave the tire really fast and that is the whole point.

How and when it is done: Robbers do it at night when there is very little traffic on the road. They choosy bumpy places on the road where they place a special device with metal tubes and wait in a hiding place. When a car drives over the spot with the device, the robbers start following the car until the driver stops to check the tires.

What happens next: The driver sees the broken tire, gets his jack, wrenches, and the spare and starts changing the tire. While the driver is doing this, the robbers steal everything from inside the car. Who closes a car on a deserted road when you’re right next to it?

Sometimes, the robbers offer their help. They do this in order to distract your attention while someone else is stealing from you. Be careful!

Do you have your own car tricks? Share them in the comment section below.

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