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5 Smart Life Hacks to Keep Your Belongings Safe on Vacation

Tourists are easy prey for thieves around the world because being in a new place together with meeting new people decreases our level of awareness. According to police statistics, more than 6,000 thefts are committed in Barcelona alone, per day. And these are only official statistics, we don’t know how many people don’t report a crime to law enforcement. In order to not be left in a different country without money and your documents, there are few simple rules you should follow.

We at Bright Side collected recommendations of experienced travelers about how one can keep their valuables safe and not spoil their vacation. Don’t miss our bonus at the end — it will tell you how an ordinary fork can help you lock the front door.

5. Choose the right floor in a hotel.

Security experts recommend renting a hotel room on the 3rd to the 6th floors. It’s easier to get inside and then out of the rooms located on the lower floors. Burglars won’t require extraordinary skills to take your belongings out of the room unnoticed.

4. Pay attention to details.

Check whether the balcony door can be locked before checking in to a room. One of the most wide-spread methods of getting into a room is through a balcony door or a window. Bulgars from all over the world are well aware of this easy-to-perform break-in, that’s why you’d better pay attention to this seemingly unimportant detail. Also, always remember to lock the balcony door and the windows before leaving your hotel room.

3. Outwit the burglars.

Almost all robberies happen when you are not in the hotel room. Robbers watch to see if you lock the door and leave for the beach. After that, they open the door and take things out, having total confidence that you won’t be back anytime soon.

There is a little trick for how you can create the illusion that there is someone who stayed in the room. Keep the TV in your room on and put the “Do not disturb” sign on the doorknob before leaving. It will give the illusion that the room is not empty.

2. Use an alarm.

If you have to stay overnight in a public place like, for example, in a waiting area at a railway station, place an alarm on your backpack. The alarm will make a loud noise if someone tries to steal your belongings and scare off the robbers. The only thing you should be careful about is to not touch the backpack while you are sleeping, otherwise, a false alarm will take place, which will wake up all the people around you.

Additionally, if you tend to leave valuables in a hotel room in your backpack, the alarm will be useful in this case too. It’s not likely that the robbers will want to run around the hotel with a ringing backpack.

1. Don’t use the safe in the room.

Safes that are located in hotel rooms have a so-called “administrator’s mode.” If you lock it and make up a personal password but after enter the code 999999, the safe will open. It was made so that the administration of the hotel could take the contents out in case if some of the guests forget their password.

So, it’s better to not use these cases, but to keep your valuables at the reception desk instead. If you don’t want to do that, at least check to see whether the safe in your room unlocks with the “administrator’s mode” or not.

Bonus: How to make sure your door is locked with the help of an ordinary fork

You can never be sure how safe the lock on a hotel room is and how many more people have the keys to this door. An ordinary fork can be of great help in this situation. Insert the fork’s prongs into the latch hole as deep as possible and make a mark on the prongs. Bend the prongs according to the marked line with the help of a hammer and a vise, and cut off the handle. In order to lock the door, you’ll need to place the bent prongs into the latch hole and insert the fork’s handle between the prongs. And, voila! The door is locked.

You can see a more detailed process in the video above.

Are you aware of any other tips that can help you avoid robberies while on vacation? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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