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5 Sure Signs That You’re At Risk

Criminals have a few tricks up their sleeves that make it easy for them to steal your car. But here we have a few things that you can look out for that will give you an indication that you or your car have been targeted. There are also some signals that you should remember that indicate somebody is planning to attack you, and in this article we’ll point those out as well.

We at Bright Side care about our readers and want them to be safe and sound. So don’t miss the highly important bonus.

1. A plastic bottle stuck between the tire and the car body

Some tricks used by thieves are very simple and don’t require any fancy technology. A thief pushes an empty plastic bottle above the front wheel so it’s stuck between the tire and the car, normally they do this on the passenger side so you don’t see it when getting into the car. When you start driving you hear a very loud strange noise and, of course, you feel like jumping out to check it out, often leaving the car running and the door open. This is exactly what the bad guys were hoping for and they have an easy way to steal whatever you have on the seats or they can just get in and drive away.

What should you do? Walk around your car before getting in. If you see something stuck above the tire, leave as quickly as possible and alert the police or security personnel.

2. Empty cans tied to the back of the car

This hack operates on the same principle as the plastic bottle one — a strange and freaky noise. The thieves tie a few empty soft drink cans to the back of the car and when you start driving they make the most horrific noise. The problem is, even if you’ve gotten into the habit of walking around the car before getting in, it’s possible that you won’t see the cans because the thieves can push them under the vehicle.

What should you do? If you hear a weird noise, drive to a safe place before getting out. When you get out of the car, do not leave the keys in it and lock the door.

3. Announcement that your car is blocking someone in

If you are in a mall or any other big public place and hear an announcement that your car is blocking someone else’s car in, don’t run to the where you parked it, just check from a distance that this is actually true. Criminals will report to the venue that their car is blocked in and then just wait for you to bring them the keys.

What should you do? If your car is not blocking anyone in, call the police.

4. Crying baby sound

If you hear a crying baby near your window or outside your door, do not go outside to check. Criminals use this trick to make a person open their door.

What should you do? Just call the police.

5. Blasting water sound

Another noisy trick is done using running water. If you hear water running from the outside taps, do not go outside. These people open the taps in full force so you think that the pipe has burst and want to investigate to find out what’s happening. Doing this will give them the opportunity to attack you.

What should you do? Call the police.


Stay safe

But what should you do if, despite all your good intentions, you still get attacked? Hopefully you will never have to use these tricks in practice, but it is critical to know how to escape or eliminate the danger.

  • If a robber asks for your purse or wallet, don’t just pass it to him, instead throw it away from you. And while he’s picking it up, run.
  • If you happen to be locked in a car trunk, kick out the rear light and extend your arm. The kidnapper won’t see it, but people around the car will.
  • We all have a habit of getting in the car and just sitting there, looking at our phone, texting, or going through radio channels. If there happens to be someone up to no good around, this is the exact situation they are waiting for. Your car is unlocked and probably running, and it’s just too easy for a person with bad intentions to jump to the passenger side and attack you. The solution is simple, as soon as you get to the car, lock it and leave.
  • Roll up the windows, even when you’re driving. You would be amazed at how quickly bad people can steal your belongings through an open window when you are waiting for a green light, for example.

Have you ever spotted signs that somebody was up to no good? Comment below with what you do to protect yourself and your car.

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