6 Apps That’ll Save You From Dangerous Experiments With Your Looks

In order to change your image, you once had to embark on a chain of numerous real-life trials and errors. Today all you have to do is install the right app on your phone.

We at Bright Side have compiled for you a list of programs with which you can try on any appearance in a virtual environment before visiting a real salon or fitting room!

YouCam Makeup

For iOS and Android

We strongly advise you not to get too carried away with this app, otherwise you'll find that you can't live without it! 100 million downloads clearly testify to the program's incredible popularity. It offers a complete set of tools to turn a casual morning selfie into a Victoria's Secret photo shoot. The available options include changing the contours of the face, color alignment, whitening of the teeth, and applying makeup on the eyes and lips. The app also has its own social beauty network.

Virtual Nail Salon

For iOS and Android

With the help of this app, you can find out how various nail polish colors and manicure designs will look on your fingers. To do this, take a picture of your hand or upload a picture from the gallery. This way, you'll save yourself all those agonizing last-minute choices. And next time you visit a nail salon, you can just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Hairstyle Makeover

For iOS

One of the most difficult choices for a girl is the choice of hairstyle. In such situations, one of two common tactics usually prevails: either you copy the latest trendy haircut (and end up looking like everyone else) or you wear the same hairdo for years on end. But, with this useful app, you can change your image with confidence and do it more often.

Hair Сolor Сhanger

For iOS and Android

Nowadays, changing the color of your hair is so easy! You can do some instantaneous tryouts by downloading the Hair Color Сhanger app. And if you want to play a joke on your parents or friends, just send them a photo of yourself...sporting purple locks!

Perfect 365

For iOS and Android

Why put on makeup for the sake of a single Instagram picture? Thousands of girls use this application to look beautiful in photos. The program allows you to apply blushes and make your eyes more expressive and your lips more full and juicy.


For Android

With this app, you can upload pictures of all your clothes to a virtual dressing room. Now nothing will get lost at the back of the wardrobe! By easily cutting the images of the clothes out of the photos, you can create new looks and select your evening outfits while sitting in the office. Integration with social networks allows you to share ideas with your friends.

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