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6 Etiquette Rules People Break Without Even Realizing It

There are many etiquette rules that can be neglected, but definitely not these 6. And the most curious thing about them is that very few people even know these rules exist.

Bright Side decided to write about these rules to help you avoid such mistakes. And at the end of the article, we have prepared a nice bonus for you to help you find out what the purpose of every kind of glass is.

1. Letting a woman get into an elevator first

If you think that letting a woman pass into the elevator first makes you a gentleman, you are wrong. Elevators are potentially very dangerous, so a man should be the first to enter. And the person who is closest to the door should exit the elevator first, no matter if it’s a man or a woman.

2. Saying, “Bless you!”

When you are with your friends and family, it is fine to say this if someone sneezes. In all other situations, you should pretend that you didn’t notice anything. Sometimes you can offer a tissue or a handkerchief but nothing more.

3. Covering your mouth with your right hand when coughing

The right hand is considered to be “social” because we use it to say hello when we meet someone. And if you cough or sneeze before that, you can pass on a lot of bacteria with your hand.

4. Passing the pepper without the salt

Or the salt without the pepper. Anyway, etiquette rules say that you can’t pass only one of them. So don’t forget to pass the pepper as well when you were asked only for the salt.

5. Stirring sugar clockwise

You are concentrating so hard on not hitting the walls of the cup that you don’t even know you are making a mistake. You shouldn’t make circles with your spoon; you should go back and forth with it. This will dissolve the sugar faster and make the process much quieter.

6. Congratulating a bride on her marriage

It’s unexpected, but according to etiquette rules, only a man can be congratulated on marriage. You can only wish happiness to a woman — nothing more. The reason is very romantic: a man “conquered” a woman and married her, so he is the only one who deserves to be congratulated.

Bonus: How to choose the right glass for the right drink

  • 1, 2 — Champagne
  • 3 — Red wine
  • 4 — White wine
  • 5 — Wine, port
  • 6 — Liqueur
  • 7 — Multilayered cocktails
  • 8 — Mineral water
  • 9, 10 — Vodka
  • 11, 12 — Beer
  • 13, 14 — Soft drinks
  • 15 — Hot cocktails
  • 16 — Martini
  • 17 — Margarita
  • 18 — Tropical cocktails
  • 19 — Cognac
  • 20, 21, 22 — Whiskey

Which etiquette rules do you break and which do you follow, ladies and gentlemen? Tell us in the comment section!

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