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6 Reasons We Can’t Beat Popular Carnival Games

There are so many popular carnival games with hundreds of prizes, but generally we have almost no chance of winning them. In most cases, organizers use special tricks to take all your money and keep you from winning.

Bright Side will tell how we’re being cheated and how we can win at some carnival games.

6. Popping balloons with darts

“It’s easy”, they say and give us 7 (or less) darts to pop some balloons. But it seems that it’s not so easy to pop a balloon, even if you hit the target. Darts’ tips are being blunted and balloons are barely being blown up so it’s even more difficult to pop them. More importantly, the darts’ center of gravity can be “broken” which will make the dart fly inaccurately.

How can you win?

  • First, check to see if the dart is balanced or not and to see if it has a sheet of paper between its body and spike.
  • Your throw should be powerful and accurate at the same time.
  • Choose balloons that seem to be blown up well.

5. Throwing balls into a hoop

Even if you’re good at basketball, it probably won’t be that easy to throw a ball into the basketball hoop at a carnival. The hoop can be smaller or curved and bent so it’s more difficult to win.

It’s a bit tricky when it comes to the ball too. It may contain way too much air so it bounces and jumps more. Also, the hoop is usually really high and far away.

How can you win?

  • Try to be as accurate as possible because the size of the hoop is almost the same as size of the ball.
  • Try to throw the ball in a high and powerful curve. The higher your curve is, the more chance you have.
  • Don’t try to bounce the ball off the backboard and into the hoop, it won’t work. If a ball has too much air inside, it will quickly jump off of whatever it hits, and chances are it won’t go into the hoop.

4. Bringing a bottle pyramid down

There are bottles a few feet away from you. And you’re asked to knock them down with the help of a ball. It would be easy, if it wasn’t for the bottles’ heavy weight. They’re filled with stones and sand while the ball is pretty light.

How can you win?

  • There’s a trick that can help us avoid this trap. Ask for permission to hold a bottle. If they won’t let you, it may be an impossible scam.
  • Even if the bottles are way heavier, it’s still possible to knock them down. Your throw should be very powerful and your target should be between the 2 bottles on the bottom, it’s the most vulnerable place.

3. Tossing rings

You’re asked to toss a ring on one of the many bottles. But the rings are made of hard plastic and their size is only slightly bigger than the bottle neck, which is why they may bounce off.

How can you win?

  • Our best advice: avoid playing this game altogether as it’s almost impossible to win. If you do decide to play, your throw has to be perfect.
  • To increase your chance, make the ring spin. This trick stabilizes the ring when it lands on the bottle.

2. Throwing a ball into a basket

You’re asked to toss 3 tennis balls into a basket, you might even be given a free try and win. Then you think it’s going to be the same with the official throws. But it doesn’t quite work out that way. The basket is made of material that makes the ball bounce out. And the ball that you made in the basket on your free try actually works against you and pushes the incoming balls out.

How can you win?

  • Again, it depends on your technique and accuracy. Try to make your throw “light” and use some backspin to reduce the bounce off probability.

1. Climbing a rope ladder

You’re told to climb to the top of a rope ladder and ring a bell or stay there for 5 seconds. As a rule, the ladder is rather short, but as soon as you take the first step it starts flipping and rotating again and again. But why?

Because the top and the bottom of this ladder are fixed at one point instead of two which makes it very difficult to keep balanced.

How can you win?

  • Don’t take part in this game if your balance isn’t perfect.
  • You have to make the right moves to win. Move the opposite leg and hand simultaneously. For example, the left hand and the right leg. It’ll help you keep your balance.

Have you ever won any of these carnival games? How did you manage to do it? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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