6 Simple Steps That Will Help You to Give Up Candies

There's so much written about sugar danger that almost everyone occasionally comes up with the idea of giving up all sweets. Many people believe it's a real problem. But there is good news: our body only needs 10 days to adapt and get rid of sugar addiction.

We at Bright Side found out exactly how we should spend these 10 days, and we suggest you try it.

1. Don't drink calories.

Every juice pack or bottle of soda contains an obscene amount of sugar. It's as if you started eating handfuls of sugar cubes. Not very tasty, is it? In addition, it gives our body nothing but a sharp rise in blood sugar levels and weight increase. Replace it with drinking and mineral water: it cleans the body, quenches thirst, and does no harm.

Source: NCBI

2. Eat protein-rich food and lots of veggies.

Protein doesn't raise blood sugar levels, but it does provide the body with energy and an important prolonged feeling of satiety. Eggs, fish, and chicken are essential daily products in this case.

Other foods that help us regulate blood sugar levels are vegetables, excluding potatoes. Everything else is allowed and even necessary: different kinds of cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, and so on. And don't forget about fresh greens. Vegetables will give your body necessary carbohydrates which won't sharply increase blood sugar and will be processed into energy rather than fat.

Source: NBCI, NBCI

3. Don't forget about fats.

People in the pursuit of proper nutrition often completely refuse any fat-containing products. And how wrong that is! Fats subdue our appetite, balance blood sugar levels, and generally bring many benefits to the body. We just need to choose them properly. Opt for unsaturated fats: olive oil, nuts, and fish must be present on your plate more often.

Source: NBCI

4. Be prepared for emergencies.

Everyone has made a poor food choice when there's no time to eat normally. In such cases, we grab the first thing we can find: hamburgers, cookies, junk food. In these 10 days, one goal is to have healthy products at hand in such situations. Make a small snack box, and always carry it with you: nuts, dried fruit, jerky turkey or chicken, crisp bread. In short, everything that doesn't go bad for a long time and at the same time gives the body the necessary energy and feeling of satiety.

Source: Dr. Hyman

5. Breathe.

Hunger and the desire to quickly gobble up something sweet is often a signal of stress. Breathing exercises can cope with the stress hormone cortisol. Make 5 full inhalations before each meal. You'll be surprised, but it really works.

Source: NBCI

6. Sleep well.

Low-quality sleep causes lack of energy. In these cases, we feel an irresistible need to grab something sweet because it's the fastest way to get the desired energy. Try to sleep for the required 8 hours: your body will surely be grateful, and the need for sugar won't be so overwhelming.

Source: NBCI

If you follow these rules for at least 10 days in a row, the shelves of the confectionery stores will stop giving you the urge to swallow half a box of chocolates at once. And even the presence of your favorite cookies won't knock you off the right path.

Source Dr. Human, NBCI
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