6 Useful Facts About Vitamin Intake

Reasonable consumption of vitamins makes people healthier and even adds a few years to their lives. But does everyone know how and when we should take them and when they're dangerous to our health?

Today, Bright Side shows you a memo that tells everything about vitamin consumption.

How to recognize vitamin deficiency?

1) Skin

  • dry and flaky
  • small wounds can't heal easily
  • unexpected bruises

2) Nails

  • dull
  • brittle
  • caring products don't help
  • spots, stripes, and ridges

3) Hair

  • hair loss
  • fragility
  • gray hair appears

4) Nervous system

  • insomnia
  • depression without reason
  • poor concentration
  • lack of energy and a feeling of apathy

But you don't have to run to a pharmacy if you notice one of the symptoms because the reasons can be absolutely different. You'd better visit a doctor and get tested to know what's wrong with your health.

How medicine intake influences vitamin absorption:

How vitamins and minerals can be combined:

The concentration of vitamins in products:

When you should consume vitamins with caution:

  • A study revealed that beta-carotene in pills increases the risk of lung cancer among smokers and former smokers.
  • Vitamin A enhances osteoporosis (fragility of bone tissues) among older people.

The effects of vitamins on an organism:

And do you take care of your health? How often do you visit a doctor and take vitamins? Share your experience in the comments.

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