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7 Self-Defense Techniques That Can Save Your Life

Nowadays it is essential to know how to react in dangerous situations to keep yourself safe. We at Bright Side believe that not only is it important to be alert but also to learn these techniques that will allow you to escape and defend yourself in life-threatening situations.

Self-defense is the art of beating an attacker, regardless of his physical strength, and without the need to use weapons. It is not based on strength but on speed and audacity in dangerous situations.

A study from the University of Oregon shares the following self-defense techniques that can help you if you are attacked or under threat.

Remember that self-defense is a smart adaptation to situations that put you in danger. It is not necessary to know martial arts to learn how to defend yourself.

However, remember that the best protection is prevention, so try to prevent the occurrence of aggression:

  • If someone comes forward and looks suspicious, go in another direction.
  • Never enter your home if you're being followed.
  • If you are a woman and you live alone, put only your last name on the mailbox.
  • Never enter your house if the door has been forced open. Call the police immediately.
  • Avoid going to ATMs at night.
  • In case of possible aggression, yell "FIRE."
  • Do not stop your car on the street for a long period of time.
  • Do not walk with a bag or briefcase on the side of the street.
  • Put your keys between your fingers when you walk - you can use them against an attacker during a self-defense situation.
  • Do not walk through dark and empty streets, even if they are the shortest way.
  • Do not panic. Self-control is important.
Illustrated by Lenya Brick for Bright Side
Based on materials from Diario Uno, Defensa personal femenina
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