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7 Tricks That Can Make Your Car Last Longer

Not every driver thinks a lot about taking proper care of their car. But if you’re careful and follow some easy but necessary rules, you can avoid expensive service and maintenance and prevent your car from being damaged.

Bright Side likes to find and share tips that make our life easier. Especially for you, we gathered some tricks that will help your car last longer.

7. Avoid extremely low or high tire pressure.

Very often, tire pressure gets too low or high and it increases the fuel consumption and negatively affects the car’s drivability, for example, it may lead to skidding or to an accident.

To avoid these situations, you have to change your tires in a timely fashion. First, don’t forget about the seasonal tire change. Second, switch front and rear tires at least once a year.

6. Avoid abrupt braking and sharp acceleration.

Sharp acceleration and abrupt braking are harmful for cars. They do a number on the different systems in the car: for example, the gearbox and the engine suffer a lot, brake pads and brake discs deteriorate faster, brakes’ serviceability reduces, and you’re more likely to get into an accident.

5. Park correctly.

Parking isn’t easy, especially for beginners. As a rule, drivers often shift from Drive to Reverse without completely stopping the car when they’re parking. You have to avoid this habit, because it takes a tool on the automatic transmission and leads to an expensive repair.

You should always stop the car completely and only then change the gear.

4. Don’t ignore symbols on your car’s dashboard.

With the help of the symbols on a car’s dashboard, a car warns you that something’s wrong. For example, the engine’s temperature is too high, something’s wrong with electrical system, or the brake fluid level is too low. Go to an automobile repair shop as soon as possible: it will help you to avoid an expensive repair or even an accident.

3. Don’t forget about vehicle inspections and repairs.

One of the most frequent reasons why cars brake down is that drivers ignore the timelines of maintenance. By the way, this is the main way to prevent an expensive car repair. For example, every 620 miles of a car mileage you have to check your oil and every 250 miles you have to change the air filter.

Try to pass yearly inspections and don’t forget about eveyday examinations (the engine oil level, tire pressure, windshields, and so on.) Keep in mind that routine maintenance will depend on the season and the mileage.

2. Avoid overloading.

Excessive loads are harmful for almost all of the car’s systems: suspension, steering, transmission, tires, and the engine. Additionally, this type of habit increases fuel consumption and negatively affects the car’s controllability on the road.

To avoid this, a driver should get acquainted with the maximum load capacity for their car and adhere to it. It’s also recommended that you get rid of all of the useless stuff in your car and carry only the things that you really need.

1. Don’t overload the clutch.

This mistake is common among drivers who have cars with manual transmissions. Don’t hold the clutch in at long traffic lights: it wears out the mechanism details too fast because it makes the mechanism work more when it should actually be resting.

During short stops, change to the neutral mode and press the clutch right before you start moving.

Bonus: how can we use garlic to fix a cracked car windshield?

Lots of people like garlic because of its taste and the aroma that it adds to their dishes. But do you know that it also works miracles when it comes to car maintenance? You just need to take a clove, cut it lengthwise in the middle, rub the cut side over the crack, and wipe away the excess juice with a paper towel or a napkin. Of course, it’s not a professional fix, but it will keep the crack from getting worse until you can have it repaired.

Do you have any tips to make your car last almost forever? Share with us in the comments!

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