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7 Tricks to Cheat Your Brain Awake When You Need It Most

7 Tricks to Cheat Your Brain Awake When You Need It Most

Can’t feel alive without a cup of coffee? Are you always trying to combat fatigue with energy drinks? Trying to stay awake before crashing can become a vicious cycle — but you can break it by using more creative ways to keep your brain alert and sharp. For example, we bet you’ve never thought that forcing yourself to yawn could actually wake you up in literally seconds. If you’re willing to give up your caffeine addiction, read on.

We at Bright Side decided to share 7 first-hand tips which help our team keep their energy levels soaring and don’t require the use of illegal substances or unlimited coffee intake. So get ready to follow!

Tip #1: Bite a lemon.

Whether you like it or not, the zesty taste will undeniably provide a slap-in-the-face effect that you desperately need in cases of narcolepsy.

Tip #2: Splash cold water on your face.

When your eyelids start to grow heavy, take a few handfuls of ice-cold water, and splash them on your face. This is a great trick to wake yourself up and keep energized in the snap of a finger. Another way is to keep an ice pack in the freezer. Whenever you are feeling a bit sluggish, put it on the back of your neck.

Tip #3: Pour cold water on your wrists.

This technique has a similar effect as the one with face splashing — unless your makeup is something you care about and don’t want to ruin.

Tip #4: Try an ear massage.

This is an old Buddhist monk technique to avoid sleepiness while meditating — pinch your earlobe(s) really hard. Pressing active points on the earlobe is supposed to wake you up.

Tip #5: Yawn by force.

Yawning is a natural way to cool down our brain. When we’re tired or bored, our brain temperature rises, so letting yourself yawn is one way to counteract these effects! You may naturally want to do it a couple of times, but then make 7–10 forced repetitions. That will definitely get your brain puzzled and awakened.

Tip #6: Chew something.

Keep your mouth busy by chewing something with a strong mint taste. The stronger, the better because the effectiveness of this trick can be miraculous in waking you up. If you’re on the verge of zoning out, consider getting a menthol stick — they’re so strong that they help actors fake tears. However, if you are hungry after all and decide to grab a snack (like a salad or a sandwich), order it without raw onion as onion is a natural sedative, and eating it might give the opposite effect and turn on sleep mode!

Tip #7: Tense your muscles.

Doing 20 push-ups or simply trying to tense every muscle in your body as hard as possible for 30 seconds is another great way to wake up. Sure, it may not look as sophisticated as sipping on another cup of coffee (and people might look at you like you’re a little crazy), but it works! So, throw caution to the wind and start tensing those muscles.

Bonus tip:

For an absolutely glamorous look, being energized is not enough. Apart from the tears and sedative effect, onions provide tremendous skin care due to their high nutrient content. So using an onion actually rejuvenates your skin, especially your hands in winter (when they require special treatment). Try this special super-fast hand mask to help to nourish the tender skin on your hands and make them extremely soft.

The recipe: cut 1 onion bulb into small pieces, juice it up, mix with some honey, and apply to your hands. Wait 10 minutes, and wash it off with cold water.

Some of these tricks might seem really funny at first, but try to focus on their effectiveness. We hope they will help you to boost your energy levels and feel and look a lot fresher in a very short period of time. But, of course, if overcoming fatigue turns into an everyday routine, you should take more serious measures like going to a doctor and reconsidering your work-life balance.

If you haven’t tried them before, it’s high time to do so. Share your results with us in the comments.

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