7 Tricks to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good

You try all these popular diets that seem to be miraculous: you lose weight, and you get in shape. But, for some reason, a couple of weeks later there's another issue you have to deal with: the so-called "rebound" effect that makes all those pounds you've lost return and might even bring a few extra.

We at Bright Side have decided to share these simple tricks that will help you keep those pounds off and forget about the curse of the "rebound" effect.

1. Your diet plan shouldn't make you feel bad or bring negative emotions.

You shouldn't feel bad when losing weight. Your diet should be guilt free. That is to say, if every food you eat during the day generates a strong feeling of guilt or makes you want to punish yourself for eating something sweet, you won't get the desired result any time soon. The best thing to do is to drop such extreme diets.

Get rid of those negative feelings, focus on the positive things, and think of what you've already accomplished. Keep up the good work, and remember that it's okay to cheat on your diet sometimes.

2. Choose controlled diets but not super strict ones.

If you've decided to start a crash diet or a very strict diet plan that makes you physically suffer, get ready to experience side effects and health problems such as anxiety, stress, and consequent hair loss, sadness, nervousness, loss of concentration, and risk of falling into eating disorders.

The best idea would be to consult with your nutritionist beforehand. Let the professional come up with an adequate food plan according to your needs and the capabilities of your body.

3. Set realistic goals.

The first thing to realize is that losing pounds as fast as possible and looking as good as some fashion model within a week is not a realistic or achievable goal you should set for yourself.

Remember that it's bad for your health to make a sudden and complete change in your dietary behavior. It's better to take small but healthy steps on a daily basis and make slow but steady progress. This is the only way to get a healthy and beautiful body according to your constitutional type.

4. Trust the power of your mind.

Your mind plays the most important role in achieving every goal you set: it really helps you overcome the fear of failure.

Whenever you feel like skipping the gym or eating something "prohibited," focus on your goals and try to keep your mind active and engaged. Entertain it, because if it's bored it will make you feel hungry.

5. Don't forget one simple rule: "Less is more."

Although it may sound crazy, eating small frequent meals all day is the key to successful weight loss. This prevents you from feeling hungry and activates your metabolism.

6. Don't forget to track your progress.

You should weigh yourself daily and register all the changes. This will help you stay on track and evaluate your progress, even if it's minimal. Keep in mind that slow and steady progress is the ideal way to lose and maintain weight and to improve your habits without too much suffering.

7. And yes! Exercise!

A healthy diet plan will help you lose weight. However, you won't gain any muscle mass or get a toned body without exercising. You don't have to spend your whole life in a gym – just take small steps, and try to do something you really like. 15 minutes a day is a good place to start! Physical activity really does help you lose weight faster. In addition, it makes you feel better: it reduces the risk of several diseases and improves brain function.

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