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7 Unexpected Uses for Everyday Items That Might Save Your Life One Day

Have you ever gotten lost during a hike or have you gone a little too far while on a safari? There could be many more situations where you can find yourself struggling to survive. Do you give up or do you try to find a way out? Sometimes even the most mundane things can be just the solution you are looking for. You may even have more than 6 of the items from the below list in your home, and you might be unaware of how you could use them differently.

It might surprise you, as it did the Bright Side team, but the below things can be much more valuable than you thought in survival conditions.

1. Credit card

There are few things money can’t buy and a credit card is never a waste. But there are situations where it’s not about how much you can buy with them. Even at a deserted place with no ATM, they still proves to be useful as the perfect tool for a bee sting or a thorn.

Scrape upwards toward the sting to pull it out with the help of a credit card.

2. Tuna tin cans

A can of tuna not only has delicious tuna inside to satiate your hunger, but it also has enough oil inside to burn a candle for 2-3 hours. All you have to do is make a small hole on the top of the can. Then, insert a quickly made cotton wick and let it soak up some oil until it reaches the top of the wick.

Once done, light it up. It should stay lit for 2-3 hours. And if the thought is worrying you, the tuna won’t spoil by doing this.

3. Lip Balm

A lip balm or a candle? We say both. It is said that a candle lit in a room not only gives light, but also warmth enough to make the temperature a little higher by few degrees. This can be crucial during emergency situations.

A lip balm is generally a must have in any girl’s handbag. When in need this can be lit as a candle by tying a small piece of cloth on the top where the balm will act as a fuel. You may have to roll the entire stick up to prevent it from catching fire. This instant lip balm candle can burn for up to 2 hours.

4. Bra cups

There are many emergency situations that we get into that leave you with no immediate help at hand. However, whenever there is a condition where it becomes difficult to breathe because of debris, smoke, or dust particles, we have an easy solution. Bra cups can be used successfully to cover your face and prevent choking.

Experts feel this can help in preventing toxic particles from getting into your respiratory system as the bra cup covers the mouth and nose perfectly. While its straps can be tied around your ears to turn it into a hands-free mask.

5. Shoe laces

Shoe laces are multi-functional and can save you from tough situations at times. Their most popular use is as a rope to tie between 2 trees or pillars. Any piece of cloth or plastic can then be hung over it to make a temporary shelter. It can also work as a fishing line, if tied to a sharp hook.

You may even start a fire using the mighty shoe laces. It can be done using the bow and drill method. The laces need to be tied to the drill in such a way that when you saw back and forth to generate hot shavings, fire is triggered. Now you know why hikers and adventure explorers always wear sneakers with laces?

6. Socks

Let’s begin by counting the uses of socks — they give us warmth and keep our feet cozy. What else? Socks act as a savior in harsh situations. They can be used to collect and filter water during survival conditions.

The water might not be purified, but at least can get you rid of visible impurities and perhaps some tiny living organisms too. Not only that, you can also use the lint of the socks to help trigger fire. Or wear them on your hands when you’re feeling cold.

7. Glasses

If you have been made fun of for wearing glasses, it’s time you stop resenting the defect in your eyes. The very glasses that are responsible for you being called 4 eyes can save you from trouble when needed.

First and foremost, you can start a fire using glasses just the way a magnifying glass does it using the rays of the sun. All you need to do is collect some tinder and put the glasses at least one foot away from it. Now angle the glasses in such a way that sun light concentrates on a small point. Gently blow on the tinder until it ignites and the fire is stable.

Other uses of glasses can be reflecting the sun through them to create a distress signal. The glasses can also be taken apart and bent to make hooks and tools.

How many of these surprised you? Please share these with your adventure seeking friends too.

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