7 Ways to Look Even Better at 35 Than You Did at 25

Every woman wants to look stylish, regardless of her age. Today Bright Side presents some easy and useful tips on how to achieve that perennially attractive look while avoiding mistakes!

1. Skirt and pencil dress

These types of skirts and dresses are one of your best options. They visually lengthen the figure and hide imperfections. It’s better to choose high-waisted, knee-length skirts. The color can be anything, except for bright neon.

2. Pants

When it comes to pants, we recommend simple-cut monochrome models. The optimal choice would be something without flashy decor. On the other hand, a beautiful belt or strap will provide a stylish accent.


3. Different combinations

Refresh your classic image with vibrant shades and prints, but don’t use more than 3 colors in a single combination.

4. Pastel colors

The most important thing here is to decide on suitable colors. For example, pale blue instantly makes you look younger, while yellow is totally unsuitable. Pay special attention to light pastel shades: beige, ivory, brown, white, and gray.


5. Comfortable heels

Are your high heels mostly gathering dust in the far corner of the wardrobe, only getting an airing on special occasions? Then you should buy at least one pair that is truly wearable — steady and comfortable shoes with an average heel!

6. Stylish details

While it’s best to stick to the classics when choosing your clothes, selecting accessories allows you to unleash your imagination. For instance, you should occasionally wear a beautiful hat or massive jewelry. A fancy brooch or brightly colored shoes are also a nice addition to an outfit.

7. And a few things you should avoid:

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