8 Genius Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home

Unfortunately, nowadays even your own house can't be completely safe and protected from intrusion. But if you take care of your possessions by adding some innovations, it can help you to save your valuables in the case of a robbery.

Bright Side wants to share 8 secret hiding hacks that will fool even the smartest burglar.

8. A hollow book

Thanks to movies and TV shows, everyone knows this trick. Although it might seem a bit obvious, this hack might actually work if you have a lot of shelves filled with books! You can buy a hollow book online or make one yourself with a box cutter.

7. A fake rock

A key safe that looks like a rock can help you hide a spare key. Like the previous hack, you can do it yourself by gluing a small plastic bottle to an ordinary rock. Bury it in your lawn so that only you can see the rock.

6. A wall clock safe

Another unusual place you can use to hide small valuables is right inside your wall clock. You can use an ordinary clock if there's enough space inside – just put your things under its back panel. If there isn't much space, you can add an additional back panel made from cardboard. Use your imagination, and all your valuables will be safe!

5. An air vent safe

You've certainly seen this trick in modern detective movies. Thanks to the cinema, it has become so popular that some companies have started making fake air vent vaults and selling them.

4. An outdoor thermometer

An ordinary outdoor thermometer can be used for more than its intended purpose. If it has enough space inside, you can hide your spare keys there.

3. An outlet safe

A hidden outlet safe might help you protect your valuables even if a burglar manages to get into your home. A robber definitely won't have time to check all the outlets in your house, especially if they are placed behind a dusty old closet or a huge and heavy sofa.

2. A doortop stash

Have you ever thought about hiding your valuables right in the front door? Neither have we! For this, you need to hollow out a hole in the top edge of a wooden door. Then put a metal container with your holdings in this hole. You can get your stuff out later with an ordinary magnet.

1. A fake Pringles can

You can buy a can with a secret stash at the bottom online or create a fake Pringles container yourself.

To make a stash, take an ordinary Pringles can and remove its bottom with a can opener. Then make a false bottom with a round piece of cardboard by gluing it inside the can. Then take a canning jar with a foil lid, put your valuables inside, and place the jar right into the bottom of the Pringles can. You can take it out with a strong magnet.

Bonus: a deodorant stick stash

Here's one of the most affordable and unusual hacks for hiding small things like jewelry or cash. To create this stash, all you need to do is remove the solid deodorant from a stick and cut off half of it. Then put your belongings inside the stick, and place the half of the deodorant back.

Now you can take your small stash wherever you go and be sure that your valuables are protected!

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