8 Secrets That Will Help You Attain the Figure of Your Dreams

To keep your body in good shape you need to eat less and move more. Even children know that. But there are other techniques that can help you become slimmer.

Today, Bright Side invites you to get acquainted with the latest recommendations offered by leading nutritionists and weight-reduction experts. Who knows? Maybe this is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

1. Set your goals right.

Losing a certain number of pounds is a decidedly lousy kind of goal. Just look at the striking differences in appearance of Jared Leto and Sylvester Stallone. In the photos, both have the same height and weight (70 inches / 205 lbs).

The photo below is another telling example that a beautiful figure is not just a number on the scales.

Your correct goal should not be to lose weight but to reduce the percentage of fat and increase the percentage of muscle. Proper nutrition and regular exercise will help you achieve this.

2. Keep to the "1/ 1/ 4″ rule.

In the most general terms, the ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the human diet should fit into the "1/ 1/ 4″ formula: 1 g (0.0353 oz) of protein, 1 g of fat, and 4 g (0.1410 oz) of carbohydrates per 1 kg (2.205 lbs) of body weight. This ratio may vary depending on lifestyle and stress. The main thing is to ensure that your body is supplied with the full range of necessary nutrients. So forget about all those mono diets!

Another important factor is your fluid intake regime. For every kilogram (2.205 lbs) of weight, there should be at least 30 ml of water consumed daily.

3. Take full-height photos of yourself regularly.

If you have seriously decided to reconsider your habits and get a new body in time for the summer season, take pictures of yourself! Do this every week. A recent study has shown that people who adhere to proper nutrition programs and regularly photograph the changes in their bodies usually reach their healthy lifestyle goals. According to scientists, such photographic evidence of how your waist decreases serves as a primary motivator for you not to give up halfway.

4. Dim the lights before sitting down at the table.

Afraid of overeating? Try dimming the lights and turning on soft relaxing music before sitting down at the table. Soft lighting is known to decrease appetite.

5. Start keeping a diary.

No, you don’t have to provide vivid descriptions of your workouts and nutrition plans. Just write about everything that burdens your soul. A study has demonstrated that women who spend 15 minutes each day pouring their problems and worries onto the pages of their diary can lose around 2.2 lbs in 3 months without any dieting. This isn’t at all surprising: writing about your difficulties helps you get rid of stress which, in turn, stops you from quenching your anxieties with food.

6. Listen to the right kind of music during workouts.

The effectiveness of your workout depends on what you are listening to in the background. Several studies have shown that energetic music subconsciously motivates us to move more and thus spend more calories. Ideally, you should be listening to music with a speed of 120-140 beats per minute. Such music helps to distract you from fatigue and improves your endurance by 15%.

7. Do not train longer than 45 minutes.

The main mistake beginners tend to make is thinking that the more you practice, the faster the results will come. Forget this nonsense at once! Studies have shown that after 45-50 minutes of weight training the body begins to produce increased amounts of cortisol — a stress hormone that destroys muscle tissue. Constantly high levels of cortisol slow down the metabolism and contribute to obesity. Therefore, you should make sure to eat properly a few hours before exercising, avoid nervous tension, and separate one-hour training sessions into two 30-minute sessions.

8. Take fish oil supplements.

Fish oil is very beneficial for the body. A study conducted in Japan has shown that this product not only reduces inflammation and prevents cardiovascular diseases but also acts as a catalyst for the process of the breakdown of fats. When it comes to weight loss, fish oil is particularly effective in combination with exercise. Well, now — shall we give it a try?!

Preview photo credit body-builder, wowbiz
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