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8 Things It’s Better Not to Save on Even During a Crisis

A lot of successful saving strategies are based on the ability to refuse to buy something unnecessary in order to make a good investment or reach a goal you set. However, there are things that you shouldn't save on because the success of our lives and our health directly depend on them.

We at Bright Side have made a list of important purchases that you should buy even if you are trying to save money right now. These things are so simple that it's likely that you often don't even pay attention to them.

1. Shoes

"I am not rich enough to buy cheap things," said Baron Rothschild. It's better to have one pair of expensive shoes than two pairs of cheap shoes that are made with cheap materials and completely destroy your feet a week or two after you buy them.

Feet are constantly under pressure in uncomfortable and tight shoes which leads to tiredness, bad blood circulation, joint problems, vein issues, and posture problems. And the money you will spend on treatment will be a lot more than the price of a good pair of shoes. And, health issues aside, high-quality shoes will make the right impression about the owner and help them feel more confident.

2. Underwear

The closer a piece of clothing is to the body, the more expensive it should be. That's why you don't buy cheap underwear. Make sure you wear good-quality materials because they directly influence the quality of your sleep. Bad underwear can irritate skin, cause redness, and lead to itching.

Underwear that were made in the wrong way can not only be uncomfortable but also harmful to health. A low-quality bra worsens breathing, pushes on the veins, and disrupts the blood circulation. Bad circulation is dangerous because it can stop the production of milk or even cause breast problems.

3. Jeans

An important investment to add into a basic set of clothes is a good pair jeans. Jeans made of denim are a comfortable, everyday staple. Good jeans should fit you well, not have any extra details, and shouldn't lose shape after a few washes or tear apart a few months after they were bought. And they should be made with high quality fabric that won't cause allergic reactions.

That's why, in the future, you should buy at least one pair of good jeans in a classic blue color that will look great for a few years.

4. Teeth

Even though the prices for treatment of teeth may seem unreasonable, you shouldn't ignore the treatment. Healthy and beautiful teeth are one of the most important things that ensure confidence. That's also why you should visit the dentist at least 2 times a year.

Remember that a high price indicates that the specialists are highly-qualified and the equipment is very good. It's always a risk to be treated by a specialist at too low a price. So the best way to not spend a lot of money on a dentist is to find problems before they become too serious.

5. Chocolate

Dark chocolate is very good for your health but only if the quality is good. A few pieces of good expensive chocolate will bring you more satisfaction than a bar of cheap chocolate with dangerous fats. The same goes for the taste of homemade desserts — use good cacao and good chocolate to achieve better results.

6. Devices

Of course, you should consider the price when buying devices. You don't have to buy the latest model cell-phone, but choosing the cheapest option is not a good idea either. Cheap devices mean that there is no guarantee that they will work well. Pay attention to the reputation of the company. Forget about cheap kettles and old fridges because sometimes they can be really dangerous.

Devices should work well and for a long time. It's better to invest money once into something really good.

7. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is dangerous for your health but a little red wine can actually be good for you.

Don't save on the quality of wine: you're better off buying a good bottle and enjoying it. Cheap alcohol can cause serious alcohol poisoning, headaches, and other health issues.

8. Safety

Many people think that car, apartment, or life insurance is something that is really expensive. They often refuse to buy the insurance because they don't want to pay money for a hypothetical chance that something bad will happen. No matter how cautious you are, you can't see the future and know for sure what will happen. That's why it's reasonable to think about your future in advance.

The same goes for good locks in your door, a burglar alarm, and a fire alarm.

And what other important items would you add to this list? Tell us in the comment section below!

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