8 Unusual But Effective Skincare Tips From Korea

Everyone knows that South Korea has recently left famous European beauty brands far behind. Asian beauties are the first to try the newest miracle products from the cosmetics industry, and the rest of the world is left waiting for these products.

However, Asians are famous for their original views and opinions, and they can sometimes seem shocking to other people. Bright Side prepared for you a collection of the most surprising, contradictory, and unbelievable products of the Korean beauty industry.

Volume for thin hair

Girls with thin hair know that desperate feeling when you try to make your hair hold its volume for an hour at least. Luckily, enterprising and resourceful Asians found a solution to this problem: special mini hair rollers, which provide the necessary volume for several months. To tell the truth, we are only talking about root volume, but it's much better than the deceitful promises of shampoo manufacturers about magical volume from roots to ends.

Horse butter

Judging by the popularity of this brand, the name "horse butter" doesn't make anyone feel embarrassed. On the contrary, they find the treated horse fat very useful. The producers of this cream emphasize the fact that the chemical structure of human and horse fat is very similar. They guarantee not only moisturizing and excellent care but also the dissolving of scars and healing of small wounds. These practically magical properties made the product highly popular among Asian beauties. However, regardless of all this, European women are not rushing to put horse butter made from horse fat on their faces.

Venom is the best medicine.

How many people would dare to buy a bottle with "Venom" on the label? In South Korea, shop shelves would be empty in a few minutes. It may sound crazy to many people, but since ancient times, natural venoms and poisons have been used for their healing properties. The Koreans decided to look to the recipes of the past by creating products with bee venom. It effectively heals skin diseases and positively influences skin condition. It seems like the majority of ladies should review their conservative ideas.

Caviar cream

Behold! Now you can have nothing less than a can of caviar on your dressing table. Put 2 of the eggs on your face in the morning as a moisturizer, and use 3 eggs in the evening to restore and whiten your skin. Of course, this creation of Korean cosmetologists is not 100% natural. If you decide to buy some for yourself, make sure that nobody from your family puts it on a sandwich.

Cheese cream

To continue the culinary line in cosmetic production, behold Korean cheese cream! Don't hesitate – it's not just a fancy name. There is real cheese in this cream. According to the clients' feedback, the moisturizing and rejuvenating properties of this cream are incredible. However, spreading cheese on your face is not an easy task, which is why you shouldn't use it 5 minutes before going on a date.

24-carat mask

There's something funny and at the same time luxurious about covering your face with gold. We bet that no fashionable woman would miss the chance to try this exquisite procedure. However, despite many positive effects, there are some precautions. Wouldn't it be very disappointing to find out that you are intolerant to gold?

Blood face mask

Sleeping Pack is a nighttime face mask that is applied before sleep and is washed off in the morning. The Korean beauty industry invites everyone who wants to look fresh and young to put...blood on their faces. In any case, you should know that this mask is based on dragon blood, so get ready for more magical effects than mere skin whitening and rejuvenating.

Makeup diving

Jamsu is an interesting trick from South Korean beauties, and it can be translated as "diving." The essence of the method is to make your skin smooth and have your makeup last longer. After putting on your base (primer + tonal base + concealer), you need to apply baby powder to your face. Then put your face into cold water for 15-30 seconds. After the procedure, dry your face with a paper towel. Now your makeup should remain fresh and last all day.

We are not sure if the trick is in the special properties of Korean makeup products or some peculiarities of the procedure itself, but the whole internet is divided over this: some people can't imagine their life without it, and others don't understand how it can help anyone.

Bonus: a skin whitening boom in Korea

In the Western world, Coco Chanel made suntans fashionable. Ever since then, Western girls have spent hours in the sun and in solariums trying to make their skin darker. Bronzed skin may look beautiful, but the negative effects of suntans include faster skin aging, shriveling, and even skin cancer.

Asian girls, on the contrary, choose skin whitening, which improves overall skin condition. The Korean beauty industry produces a lot of effective skin lightening products to make skin even and radiant. However, some unexpected remedies can also be used.

Toothpaste is an excellent skin whitener. Due to its antiseptic properties, toothpaste also helps to soothe acne and minor inflammations. Mix a tablespoon of toothpaste with a few drops of lemon juice, and apply the mixture to your face. However, before applying this mixture to your face, don't forget to check your skin's reaction to this solution: apply a drop of the mixture to the bend of your elbow or to your neck, and leave it for 5 minutes.

Another unexpected skin whitening solution is petroleum jelly. It acts as a barrier to trap moisture in the skin, and that's why it helps to improve its condition. You can make a homemade skin-whitening serum using petroleum jelly, rose petals, milk, glycerine, aloe vera gel, and vitamin E. This remedy is cheap and effective. Don't forget to always check your skin's reaction to the new product before applying it to your face.

Did you ever try any strange beauty products? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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