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8 Ways to Avoid Unfortunate Situations That We’ve All Been In

Sometimes, even the smallest little irritants can spoil your mood. We at Bright Side think we can’t let such little things get in the way of feeling happy every day. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of useful advice for finding a way out of these unfortunate situations.

How to take a shopping cart at the store if you don’t have any coins

We’ve all been in this situation. The solution is actually very straightforward — all you need is a key with a round head. Put it in the coin slot, and the cart will be unlocked.

How to open the car door if your keys are locked inside

This method only works for older makes of cars. All you need for this is an ordinary shoelace. Tie a loop in it as shown in the photograph above. Stretch the shoelace at an angle across the corner of the car door. Then slowly move it backward and forward, eventually moving it downward until it passes into the crack. You should be able to hook the loop of the shoelace onto the lever that opens the car door. Once hooked, pull the lever and open the door.

How to get into your car if the lock has frozen

Heat up the key using a cigarette lighter, and pass it into the lock. This might not work the first time you try it, so keep trying. If the key is a long one, you can heat it up without taking it out of the lock. The process will be faster this way.

How to ride an elevator without stopping on every floor

If you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, then this trick may prove very helpful. But remember not to use it too much — other people have places to get to as well. To ride an elevator without stopping on any floors other than the one you want, hold down the ’close doors’ button until they close. Then press the button for the floor you want to get to, all the time keeping your finger on the first button.

How to check the quality of the gasoline at the gas station

Cover a piece of white paper in a few drops of the gasoline. Blow on it to make it dry faster. After it dries, the gasoline should leave a barely visible stain on the paper. If instead you see greasy or multicolored blotches, then it’s not good quality. A yellow, butter-colored stain is a sign that it has been mixed together with diesel, whereas a dark ring indicates the presence of high-density metals and tar.

How to open a bottle of wine if you haven’t got a bottle opener to hand

A bottle can be opened with the help of the wall or a tree. First, wrap the base of the bottle in a towel or place it inside a shoe, as shown in the photograph above. Once covered, tap the base of the bottle against a hard surface until the cork is halfway out of the bottle. Then simply remove it with your hands.

How to avoid getting lipstick stains on everything

Take an ordinary tissue and separate it into its individual layers. Take the thinnest layer and place it against your lips. Now powder your lips with the tissue still covering them. Find more details here.

Make waterproof smartphone case

To avoid the dreaded iPhone-in-a-bowl-of-rice situation, make a phone holder that will remain waterproof even if your phone is completely submerged!

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