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9 Hidden Smartphone Features That Can Make Your Life Easier

Our smartphones have so many features that it may take us several months to figure everything out. As a rule, the most useful functions are hidden and can only be found with the help of experts. For example, did you know that the iPhone keyboard has endless opportunities that can make your life better and easier?

Bright Side knows that we all spend a lot of time using our phones. To use 200% of their features, we've collected 9 hidden Android and iPhone features that you can start using right now.

9. Enable navigation on the iPhone keyboard.

Recently, Twitter users found a secret feature that gives us a superpower while texting on our iPhones. You just have to hold down any part of your text and it’ll be much easier to use the cursor.

8. Find your lost phone.

If you’ve lost your Android or simply forgotten it somewhere, you can easily find it. Launch a browser and navigate to, and enter your Google password: you’ll then see a map where you’ll see your phone’s location. You’ll also be able to call your phone or delete all data if needed.

7. Enable the comfy night mode setting to read at night.

On Android 7.0, there’s a Night Mode setting. This feature cancels out any harmful blue light emitted from your screen, the color becomes softer and more yellowish. It’s much less dangerous for our eyes when reading in the evening. You can switch your screen to negative mode via settings, in “Accessibility.” This function will also make the process of reading at night more comfortable.

6. Use Ctrl + Z on your iPhone.

If you accidentally delete text or if you want to delete text, try to shake your iPhone. You’ll get a popup saying “Undo.”

5. Take a screenshot without using any buttons.

We can all take screenshots with the help of 2 buttons. But not many people know that you just have to swipe with your palm along the screen to do that on an Android. This feature is probably disabled on your phone, so you should go to settings, then “My device,” “Motions and gestures,” and enable “Palm motion.”

4. Improve your connection quality.

This iPhone feature allows you to increase the quality of your connection if you’re far from the city. You should enter this code *3370#. But keep in mind that it makes the battery drain faster. To disable this function, enter #3370#.

3. Find a hidden game on your phone.

Not many people know that Google installs Easter eggs on all Androids. These are hidden secrets that you can find entering a certain code on your keyboard. Each Android version has its own mini game. Try to find some Easter eggs on your phone!

Go to settings, select “About Phone”, tap “Android version” several times repeatedly, and hold your finger down. It’s a great way to spend long winter evenings.

2. Try to unlock your phone with your nose.

Here’s another winter option for iPhone users. If you wear touchscreen-sensitive gloves, you always have to enter your password. Try to add a new print to the TouchID system. Tap “Add a Fingerprint” and press the point with your nose instead of your finger. When you go outside in winter, you’ll understand how convenient this is!

1. Schedule your phone’s power on and off.

This feature will help you get rid of your smartphone addiction. It may also help you control the time your child spends using their phone (for example, at school.) To enable this function, you should go to settings and under the “System” section, tap “Scheduled power on & off.” Select the time to power on and power off your phone.

Bonus: Split the keyboard on your iPad.

The long keyboard usually doesn’t allow us to see the whole image. Do you know that you can split your keyboard? Tap a text field, touch, and hold the icon in the right lower corner, then slide up and tap “Merge.”

Do you know any other hidden smartphone features? Share your findings with us!

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