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9 Internet Hacks That Can Simplify Your Life

These days the majority of the world’s population uses the internet and if you are reading this article, you are certainly one of them. But even if you browse the net on a daily basis and think that you know how to do it the most efficient way, there are lots of little tricks that can make it easier and quicker that you don’t know yet. We already mentioned a few of them, but as one of the greatest minds in the past, Albert Einstein, said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

We at Bright Side selected these simple but very useful tricks to share with you.

1. Move the text cursor (first trick)

There are times when you need to add just a word or a letter in the middle of a message and this trick will save you so much time.

  • Click and hold the space bar;
  • Now you can move the cursor to the right, left, up, or down.

So simple and so brilliant.

2. Move the text cursor (second trick)

Another way to move the text cursor is the magnifying glass trick.

  • Click on the text and hold until a magnifying glass appears;
  • Move it in any direction to place the cursor on any place in the text.

3. Creating a strong password

These days we use the internet for social communication, shopping, banking, and many other things, and creating a safe password is highly important. Instead of using just simple letters and numbers, use accented characters in your passwords. Hold your finger on a letter and the available accented characters will pop up.

4. How to know if a particular website is safe to browse

There are gazillions of sites available on the net, but it’s better to avoid some of them. Just copy and paste into the address bar—in front of the address.

Replace with the name of the website that you want to check.

5. Logging out of Facebook remotely

If you used somebody’s smartphone or computer to check your Facebook and are not sure if you logged off properly, this can be easily fixed.

  • Click on “Settings” on your Facebook account;
  • Select “Security”;
  • Click on “Where You’re Logged In”;
  • Find the session that you want to end;
  • Click “Log Out.”

6. Google search for synonyms

We have so many synonyms in our language and Google came up with a very useful trick to do a search when you don’t know a particular word. Just put the symbol “~” before the text.

7. Search for words in a text

If you need to search for specific words within your larger search, Google has also made this easy.

  • Type allintext before the word or words that you are looking for, if you want to find pages that include all the words you’re looking for;
  • Type “intext” before the text that you are looking for, if you want to find pages where one word appears in the text, and others appear elsewhere, like, for example, in the title.

8. Search for words in titles

If you need to find pages with a certain title, this also won’t take long.

  • Type “allintitle” before the text that you are looking for if you want to find pages that include all your search words;
  • Type “intitle” before the text that you are looking for if you want to find pages where the one word appears in the title, and others can appear elsewhere, like, for example, in the text.

9. Google search for location

If you are looking for something in a particular location, just add “location:place after your search text.

Did you find this useful? Tell us in the comments below if you know some tricks that we haven’t mentioned and share this article with your friends.

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