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9 Spy Smartphone Hacks That May Save Your Life One Day

The era of digital technology has turned our world upside down. You can use your smartphone for surfing through pictures of cute kittens or to find first aid. But the most important thing here is to know how to get the maximum from your device.

Bright Side made a list of spy tricks that you can do with your smartphone right now.

1. Night vision

This simple app turns the camera on your smartphone into night vision goggles. If you compare it to the original camera, the difference is astonishing. A perfect hack for those who want to spy on someone in the dark and not be caught.

2. Inconspicuous paparazzi

You surely know that you can use the volume buttons on your smartphone to take pictures. What you probably didn’t hear about is that you can do the same with the buttons on your headphones. They should be classic wired headphones with physical buttons, not sliders, and it only works with iOS.

3. Video surveillance

This simple app allows you to turn your smartphone into a wireless surveillance CCTV system. It is a good idea to buy a cheap off-contract phone, connect it to Wi-Fi, and plug it in so it doesn’t die. You can set up both video and sound alerts, so it will notify you and start streaming the video to your “Guardian“ phone if there is any motion or noise near the ”Camera."

4. Credit card knife

Urgently need a knife but it’s not handy to always carry it around? Just get one of these "credit card knives" from eBay, get rid of the spare parts, and glue it to your smartphone. It is really sharp but small and thin enough that it will easily fit under most smartphone cases.

5. Remote desktop control

Just install this app on your smartphone and the computer that you want to spy on and voila! You can control a desktop remotely or just watch what’s going on there. How incredible is that?

6. Wave control

No matter whether you are showing magic tricks to your 5-year-old niece or cooking or chasing someone, you’ll be interested in this app. It allows you to unlock your device or answer calls without actually touching it. Just wave your hand, and do the magic. An Android version is available too.

7. Surf incognito

Sometimes you don’t want your IP to be tracked from the websites you surf. Apps like this provide you with a free VPN so you can browse the Web and feel more secure. It is like having a PO box on the internet — an address that no one can trace back to you. You can even choose the country where you want your new IP to be located. Hide like a real spy.

8. Don’t touch my phone

Just activate the alarm mode on your smartphone with this simple app, and don’t be afraid to leave it unattended ever again. If someone tries to sneak onto your phone and read your messages, the alarm will go crazy. You can even record your own alert notification to frighten that nosy fellow.

9. Second number

If you’ve ever been in need of a second phone number, you’ve probably thought about a second SIM-card or just taping 2 phones together — not very handy for a spy, right? This app for your smartphone allows you to add a second number without any additional technical devices. It allows you to make and receive calls and text messages, port your existing number, or choose a new one.

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