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9 Superb Tricks for Bringing Order to Your Home and Saving Loads of Time

Cleaning is something you often need a lot of determination for. Sometimes, we have to spend an entire day and a lot of effort cleaning in order to get our homes looking and feeling the way we want them to.

That’s why we at Bright Side put together a selection of the best shortcuts to immaculate cleanliness. Each one can save you a whole load of time.

Tricks for the washing machine

  1. You don’t need expensive cleaning products to clean the washing machine. Instead, you can use ordinary vinegar. Pour some into the drawer for the washing powder, and set it to a long wash. When it’s finished, your washing machine will literally sparkle.

  2. One trick that few people know about involves strengthening your cleaning products with the help of vinegar. Add some to washing powder (about a third of the amount of powder), and it will clean clothes more effectively. This is especially true for colored clothes.

  3. Some kinds of material are magnets for cat and dog fur. Wash clothes made of these materials with white vinegar, and fur will never stick to them again.

For an immaculately clean bathtub

How can you clean an entire bathtub while barely lifting a finger? Simple! First heat up some vinegar in the microwave (it should be warm rather than scalding hot). Mix the vinegar together with a soapy solution in a spray bottle at a ratio of 1:1, but don’t shake the bottle — it’s enough to gently stir the substances together. Spray the resulting solution onto the bathtub, leave for 30 minutes, and then wipe it away with a sponge. The result will be more impressive than what you get with expensive cleaning products.

Cleaning window tracks

We’re constantly spending plenty of time on cleaning window tracks. However, here’s a way to do it without making much effort.

Sprinkle some baking soda on the hard-to-reach areas (pay attention to the corners). Then add a little vinegar — it’ll start bubbling, which is a good sign. Leave it as it is for 10-15 minutes, the baking soda and vinegar will cope with the caked on dirt and rust. When the time is up it’ll be necessary only to wipe the window tracks with paper towels.

How to wash kids’ toys

Every parent has encountered a home where toys are scattered in every room, nook, and cranny. They get spread across the floor and gather up dust from all the corners of each room. So sometimes those toys have to be washed. But there’s a way to avoid spending too much time on this. Place all the toys in a net washbag, and clean them in the washing machine.

Removing invincible stains

Many of us have encountered our children’s budding interest in art being expressed through writing and drawing on the walls in felt-tip pen and permanent marker. Getting rid of marks like this can take a lot of time and effort. But there are also some little-known ways to do it quickly and easily:

  1. To get rid of permanent marker on the floor or table, squeeze some ordinary toothpaste onto a wet cloth (preferably one made with microfibers) and rub it into the stain.

  2. Marker can also be removed easily using hairspray or deodorant, or indeed any aerosol. Simply spray it on the affected area, and wash off with water.

  3. Another method is to use ordinary soda and a sponge. Sprinkle some soda onto the sponge, rub the affected area, and rinse off with water. Now your walls should be clean — until your artist decides to create another masterpiece!

How to remove nail polish stains

If you’ve ever dropped or accidentally smashed a bottle of nail polish, you’ll know that it’s a double tragedy: not only do you lose your favorite shade of polish but you also end up with a stain that’s practically impossible to get rid of. But there are a couple of tricks you can use here:

  1. Before the spilled polish has had time to dry, you can get rid of it by applying nail polish remover over the top and leaving it for a minute. Then rub the stain with a paper towel, and remove what’s left over with a rubber eraser. But if the polish has already dried out, apply some hairspray and then wipe with warm water and soap.

  2. What if the nail polish ended up on the carpet? Apply some stain remover, and then wipe the mark with a damp cloth.

Getting your microwave clean

With this trick, you can be done with cleaning the microwave in just five minutes. Cut a lemon in half, place it in a cup, and add some cinnamon. Now place the cup in the microwave, and turn it on for 5-10 minutes at the lowest power setting. The lemon will help to clean and disinfect it, and the cinnamon will help get rid of unpleasant odors.

For a sparkling kitchen

To make sure you don’t needlessly waste several hours cleaning your kitchen, apply this simple trick. Mix together some baking soda with vegetable oil until you get a thick paste. Apply the mixture to any hardened fat/grease, and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then simply wipe it off using a cloth and some soap solution.

Banish dust forever

There’s one easy way to avoid having to spend every other hour of your life wiping away dust. Apply a couple of drops of oil to a paper towel, and wipe it across the dusty area. Then wipe once more with a clean paper towel. A thin layer will be left on the surface, which helps to keep the dust from accumulating and gives the furniture an attractive sheen.

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