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9 superb ways to keep your children busy

As well know, kids are marvellous. They’re fascinated by everything they see; they explore the world every second of their lives, and that’s why they need so much attention from their parents.

However, unfortunately, sometimes there are responsibilities we have to take care of, and it can be difficult to keep our kids happy while we’re doing them. If this sounds familiar, we suggest you try playing some of the following ten developmental games with your little ones.

1. Sensory box

You will need:

  • A large box
  • Materials such as: any kind of pulses or beans, pasta, small and large stones, small and large beads, cotton balls, sand, leaves, straw, fur cones.
  • Optional stuff: small toys which your child is fond of, a small plastic spade.

How to play:
Set your child down by the sensory box and let him or her do whatever they want: they can walk inside the box or touch the various objects with their hands. Show them how to use the spade to move the various objects from the box to a smaller one. You can also hide your child’s favourite toys at the bottom and encourage them to search for them.

2. Discovery wall

You will need: Whatever you have lying around at home; there is no rules here apart from the need to use your imagination.

How to play:
Demonstrate to your child how they can, stroke, open, close or even smell the various objects on the discovery wall. Then just leave them to it!

3. A fish tank for learning about water

You will need:

  • A large container for water.
  • Pebbles or coloured beads.
  • Toys for use as your sea creatures.
  • Additional options: a plastic spade, drinking straws, pieces of polystyrene, pieces of tree bark, coins.

How to play:
Demonstrate to your child how they can put their hands under the water water and grab a hold of the various items. Let them have a go at moving the items from the aquarium to another container. Show them how they can throw the polystyrene pieces and coins into the water. It will be entertaining for them to see how some things sink while others float on the surface. Show them that if they blow through a straw, they can see bubbles appear on the surface of the water.

4. Musical bottles

You will need:

How to play:
The bottles will make different sounds that are guaranteed to pique your child’s interest. Show them how to shake the bottle with the different objects inside of them, and then teach them how to change between making quiet and loud noises with different bottles.

5. Magic bottles

You will need: A plastic bottle with a lid, and any kind of small items you have available at home (beads, peas, beans).

How to play:
Show your child how they can pull the ribbon out and then put the small items inside the bottles.

6. Does it match, or not?

You will need: An assortment of jars and lids of various sizes.

How to play:
Show your child how to sort things out into groups according to their shape: lids to one side, jars on the other. Alternatively, show your child how they can match them according to colour.

7. Different smells

You will need: Salt shakers, and a variety of herbs, vegetables and fruit.

How to play:
Show your child how they can smell each jar and see what’s inside.

8. The toy maze

You will need: Toys, some thread, a laundry basket.

How to play:
Show your child that it’s possible to retrieve the toy from the maze. Then let them have a go on their own.

9. Velcro fun

You will need: Some felt, scissors, some velcro.

How to play:
Make a picture using different coloured pieces of felt — you can stick the various pieces against a uniform background using some velcro. This lets your child create any imaginary world they like. For example, you can make a tree trunk by using lots of red and green felt circles and sticking them to a brown background, so you child will think he or she is planting apples on the tree. You can try this idea using just fridge magnets on the refrigerator as well.

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