9 Things That Make You Irresistibly Attractive

Do you have a friend that causes admiration, respect, and envy in you? Someone who is always kind and friendly, whose motivation can move mountains? It feels like he knows how to deal with any problem.

Bright Side invites you to find out the secret of such people.

9. Saying nice things about other people

The main characters of the most popular TV series are usually selfish and sarcastic. However, they are only interesting characters on the screen. Think about how many friends such a person might have in real life. How can he or she attract people? With a fountain of bitter jokes? Try to be kind to those around you.

8. Being more self-confident

Is it that difficult to admit that you're talented or attractive? This question pops up each time somebody tries to depreciate his or her talents, achievements, or appearance as a response to a friend's compliments. Ok, you did nothing to get these eyes, but can't you just relax and take pleasure in the compliments?

7. Looking for the positive

A psychologist once asked his patient to look around the room and memorize all the brown objects. He then asked him to close his eyes, concentrate, and...try to recollect all the blue objects. The patient couldn't do it because he'd memorized only the brown objects. When he opened his eyes, he saw the blue shirt of the doctor, the blue vase on the table, and so on. Try to notice the good things.

6. Supporting instead of giving lectures

Not every person is able to be careful and attentive. There are few people who are there to support and comfort you in a difficult situation. This is why the people who always find time for us become the center of our universe. If you want to be really important in someone's life, show how much you care.

5. Uniting people

Uniting people and being a leader is neither inborn nor a product of quality parenting. It is a side effect of the right attitude toward other people. Only when people feel that you see them as brothers-in-arms and partners will they feel that you respect them and their ideas, finally choosing to follow you.

4. Developing your talents

One of the secrets of successful people is the constant development of their existing abilities and mastering of something new. It is interesting to be around them because they always inspire others to develop their personalities. They make the world around them a better place. Personality development is a continuous and life-long process. Don't waste your time.

3. Сreating an atmosphere of comfort

One of the qualities of a successful person loved by everyone is their ability to create a unique atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. For example, think about whose name all your friends say simultaneously when you decide to celebrate an upcoming party? People love being accepted and feeling comfortable.

2. Achieving results

If you want other people to like you, be prepared to become active. People won't love you just because you exist. Talk to people. Find out their interests and hobbies. Make their interests important to you in order to become important to them.

1. Creating your unique style

While your friends know who you are, new people will judge you by your appearance. There's no need to spend all your salary on clothes or follow the latest fashion trends. Create your own style, and people will recognize you. Remember to look neat: keep your shirts ironed and your shoes clean, and never purchase fake copies of famous brand products.

Illustrated by Alena Tsarkova for Bright Side
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