9 Tips From a Stylist That Can Help You Look Slimmer

In order to lose weight, you don't need to be on a really strict diet. Sometimes, all it takes is to use a few neat tricks and to avoid very popular mistakes when choosing your clothing.

Our Bright Side stylist decided to show situations where clothes can help you lose extra pounds and become slimmer with just a few quick moves.

1. Don't wrap yourself in loose clothing.

For some reason, many girls think that loose clothing will hide the extra pounds they have. But this is a totally incorrect point of view: baggy clothes only make the silhouette bigger. That's why you should wear a short jacket instead of a long trench coat.

And don't be afraid of bright colors: the most important thing is to determine which color combinations fit your appearance the best.

2. Choose monochrome looks.

Monochrome outfits can make you appear slimmer too. For example, these olive overalls. This way, the shape "straightens" and it's not overloaded with extra details.

3. Choose the right fabric and tailoring.

Pay as much attention as possible to the quality of the fabric of your clothing: clothes made of thin, tight fabrics will only highlight the flaws of your body.

The left picture shows a terrible fabric choice, unflattering pattern, and poor tailoring. The right picture shows a much better fabric choice, the print is brighter and more interesting, and the V-neck is advantageous. By the way there is a belt on both dresses, but they only work on clothes that are made well.

4. Be careful with contrasts.

The image on the left combines several mistakes. First, because there is so much contrast between the upper and the lower parts, the shapes are kind of split into two, which makes them look more massive. Second, such a voluminous sweater won't make you look more elegant or slim.

Choose clothing so that top and bottom are either dark or bright and don't cut the shape with contrasting colors. If you want to add a bright spot do it in an elegant way, for example, you can add a monochrome lower layer using bright pants and a T-shirt which look much better with a dark jacket. And don't button it up.

5. Don't be scared of stripes.

A neat vertical stripe automatically throws away a few extra pounds. In general, all vertical lines on clothes make the shape visually slimmer, even a row of buttons will do the trick. But don't forget about a straight back and a confident gait — these moves can never hurt.

6. Stop wearing clunky accessories.

In the left picture, the combination of "dark T-shirt - bright pants" splits the shape into two parts again. And the huge bag with funny stripes makes the image even heavier.

Add a bright top, get rid of the bag, and the image changes dramatically.

7. Be careful with prints.

Be careful with prints. Don't choose clothes with huge messy prints. And this "pajama" style won't suit every girl.

8. Use accents to straighten the silhouette.

Do anything you can to straighten the silhouette — use vertical stripes (like on these pants) and different accessories (long earrings).

Also, don't hide your legs under a shapeless knitted cardigan. A well-tailored top is the perfect choice.

9. Be okay with additional layers.

In this example, we will show how to make a good outfit perfect. A monochrome blue dress with a pleated skirt straightens the shape very well, but the outfit looks even more harmonious with the jacket.

By the way, don't forget to roll your sleeves: it will always make you look just a little bit carefree and help you lose a few pounds.

And a few more tips

  • Choose the right size clothing: as we already said, loose clothing will make you appear bigger, and tight clothing will highlight your problem areas.
  • Try wearing V-neck clothing, this also has a "magical" feature that makes you appear slimmer.
  • Choose simple tailoring without any extra details and also don't wear shiny fabrics.
  • Be careful with jewelry: earrings and necklaces that are too big can ruin your image.

Stylist Latypova Elmira specially for Bright Side

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