A Simple Way to Check Whether Your Wardrobe Needs More Variety

Your wardrobe is full of things, yet you've got nothing to wear. Many of you will surely find this situation familiar. All too often, having bought new clothes, we discover that they don't fit our image. So we end up wearing the same old stuff month after month.

Bright Side has prepared a test that'll help you shop wisely and make the daunting question of "What to wear?" a thing of the past!

3 simple steps

  1. Open your wardrobe, and take out all the clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories relevant to the current season.
  2. Get rid of anything that doesn't fit your size or things that are worn out or hopelessly out of fashion.
  3. Take a look at what's left, and try to put together a set according to the schemes below.

1 set = 1 bottom (skirts, pants, dresses) + 2-3 different tops (sweatshirts, cardigans, coats, etc) + 2-3 shoe options (shoes, ankle boots, boots, etc) + a bag (accessories).


Count how many good sets you've ended up with. Put these sets back in the closet. As for the rest, get rid of those items as soon as possible. And now let's review your results.

  • Up to 3 sets. You're in urgent need of a wardrobe update. Start shopping for new things at once!
  • 3-7 sets. You'd better visit the shops to buy a couple more items that can be combined with those you already own.
  • 7 or more sets. Congratulations! You have a perfect wardrobe. Try this test again next season.
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