Here’s How You Should Eat in Restaurants to Show Off Your Perfect Manners

Today one can hardly be amazed by dishes of foreign cuisines. Japanese, Italian, Georgian – you can get acquainted with any of them in the restaurants of your city. However, if all your attention is drawn to trying not to splotch yourself and your fellow diners, then you will hardly get any satisfaction from the food.

Bright Side has created a list of instructions that will help you to "cope" with popular dishes and look dignified in any restaurant.

Soy sauce

Don't fill the bowl to the brim with soy sauce. The Japanese recommend pouring a small amount and then simply refilling the bowl if needed.


Some people like to put pieces of ginger right onto their sushi. In fact, one needs to eat ginger in breaks between dishes. It helps to freshen the mouth cavity and enhance the taste of the previous dish.


Fans of spicy food tend to add a large amount of wasabi to their rolls. But in this case, the delicate taste of the Asian cuisine disappears. Stir a peanut-sized amount of wasabi into your soy sauce. Or apply a thin layer of it onto your sushi.


Take one piece of sashimi with your chopsticks (Japanese food should be eaten either with chopsticks or hands but not with a fork). The edge of the fish should be dipped into the soy sauce; don't immerse the whole piece in it. And don't bite the fish – it should be eaten as a whole piece at once.


Using your chopsticks, turn the sushi over on its side. Pick up the sushi with your chopsticks so that they grasp the part with the fish on one side and the part with the rice on the other. Dip your sushi into the soy sauce so that the sauce gets only onto the fish. According to the Japanese, you will be able to get the real taste of this dish only by using this method.


Take a roll with either your chopsticks or your hands but not with a fork. The edge of the roll should be dipped into the soy sauce. Don't put the entire roll into the sauce, and don't immerse it with both sides.


Twist a few threads of spaghetti on the fork (not more than 3 or long "tails" will hang out of your mouth). You can do it either by using a spoon or the edges of your plate as a base.

Adjarian khachapuri

Not everybody knows how to eat this dish of Georgian cuisine without making their face and hands dirty with its cheesy-eggy stuffing. Snap off small pieces from the edge of the boat, and immerse them in the stuffing. When only the central part of the khachapuri is left, roll it to eat it.


Very often, the insides of a burger fall out, making your hands, clothes, and everything around you dirty. There is no need to spoil the appearance by cutting a burger into small pieces to avoid this situation. Simply cut it into 2 halves because it is much easier to hold a half in your hands. Now the precious filling will not fall out.

Illustrated by Sergey Raskovalov for Bright Side
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