Here’s Why You Should Wash Your Towels More Often Than You Think

It's nice to use a fresh towel every day, isn't it? But seriously, how often should you wash your bath towel - the thing that makes us clean and dry but gets dirty itself?

Bright Side wants to share a valuable piece of information with you: the main reason why you need to wash your bath towels more often than you may think.

Research shows that the towels we use every day to dry our skin after a shower spread all kinds of germs and bacteria, providing the ideal conditions for them: moisture, a warm temperature, oxygen, and neutral pH.

The surface of our body hosts thousands of different kinds of microorganisms. When you dry yourself with a towel, the microbes and secretions of the body move to the fabric. Most of these microbes don't cause damage to our health, but still... They live on your towel, and they multiply very quickly.

But what's even worse is that your bath towels accumulate other germs and bacteria that are present in the bathroom, including those that come from the toilet - especially if you don't close the toilet lid before flushing. And that musty odor is definitely a bad sign: if your bath towel has this smell, it means that it has been a breeding ground of bacteria for a while and it's time to wash it.

Based on materials from La Nación
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