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How to look like a million dollars even if you aren’t a millionaire

Lots of people all around the world love dressing to impress, which is why we at Bright Side want to tell you straightaway that you don't have to be enormously rich to look incredible. The first thing you can do is simply avoid making certain common mistakes before going on to experiment and delight in your appearance.

Animal prints

What looks cheap: Animal prints on your clothing.

What looks elegant: Animal prints on small accessories, such as a silk scarf.

The color black

What looks cheap: A faded black color.

What looks elegant: Black clothes that look as good as new.

The neckline on a dress

What looks cheap: An overly revealing neckline.

What looks elegant: A subtle neckline.


What looks cheap: Large platform shoes.

What looks elegant: Classic designs.


What looks cheap: Clothes in the wrong size.

What looks elegant: Clothes that fit.

Lace clothing

What looks cheap: An abundance of lace.

What looks elegant: A dress with small lace elements.

Brand logos

What looks cheap: Fake branded clothing.

What looks elegant: Moderation in clothing.

Fluorescent-colored clothing

What looks cheap: Neon colors.

What looks elegant: Rich, heavy colors.


What looks cheap: Underwear that's visible under clothes.

What looks elegant: Underwear hidden by clothes.


What looks cheap: Oversized plastic imitation jewelry.

What looks elegant: Elegant and subtle jewelry.


What looks cheap: A bulky bag.

What looks elegant: A bag with clearly defined lines.

Sequins and glitter

What looks cheap: Clothes that are completely covered in sequins.

What looks elegant: A few well-placed shiny/glittering elements.

Tights and socks

What looks cheap: Open footwear worn in combination with tights or socks.

What looks elegant: Open footwear with a good pedicure.

Combining colors

What looks cheap: Combinations of black and brown with dark blue.

What looks elegant: Unbeatable classic color combinations.

Jewelry made from precious metals

What looks cheap: Combinations of different precious metals.

What looks elegant: Jewelry made from one kind of precious metal.

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