How to lose weight: eat pizza, say experts

How to lose weight: eat pizza, say experts

At last our dreams have come true! A study published in Men’s Health revealed that eating pizza DOES help you lose weight. No, it’s not a joke. The important thing is knowing how and when to eat pizza, and Bright Side is going to explain it to you.

We all want to be fit, but the reality is that dieting is a nightmare for many of us. Giving up many of our favorite foods is almost inconceivable...until now.

Research from Portugal published in Men’s Health shows that people who take a "day off" once a week and eat pizza, ice cream, or any other guilty pleasure foods are more motivated and more committed to their weight loss plan.

The study compared two groups of people on a diet of 10,500 calories per week. Dieters in the second group were allowed to eat whatever they wanted on Sundays. There was no big difference in the amount of weight both groups had lost, but those participants who had taken a day off were happier and more motivated to stick with the diet.

This means that if you are thinking about dieting, designate one day a week for guilty pleasure foods. The important thing is to stay within your daily (or weekly) calorie totals and not overeat.

Based on materials from Men's Health
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