How to Perfectly Match Your Shoes to Any Outfit

With an overwhelming number of different options, it can be really difficult to plan a great outfit. Despite the fact that nowadays you can get away with wearing pretty much anything, you should still consider following some simple rules to help you develop your own style and, most importantly, feel comfortable in your clothes.

We at Bright Side have put together a few color-matching rules that are applicable to every outfit and every occasion.

White pants

White is a universal base color that goes with everything. However, don't match white pants with black shoes in casual or office outfits – it will make you look pretentious and tacky.

Gray pants

You can mix these with any basic shoe colors. This is really convenient when you don't know which pants to choose to match your favorite pair of shoes. With grayish colors, you will look effortlessly stylish.

Black pants

It is a common opinion that black matches everything. But not everything matches black! As we already mentioned, don't match black with white shoes. The same rule applies for any shade of brown. There will always be disharmony since black is more of a "business" color. Brown is more casual. If you want to create an interesting look, it's better to choose bright colors.

Beige / nude pants

When you wear beige or nude pants, try to match them with a pair of light-colored or bright shoes. Don't ever try to wear black ones – it will create a sharp contrast, and not in a good way.

Light brown pants

Black (and also gray) shoes will also be out of place in this case. But you can try to experiment a bit and find a pair of green or burgundy shoes. The right shade will make your outfit pop.

Dark brown pants

This color is one of the most difficult to match. The biggest "don't" is gray or black, as well as all shades of red and purple. An interesting choice may be green or dark blue – the overall outfit will look unconventional and refreshing.

Blue pants

Every denim shade, be it light, bright, or dark blue, goes with everything. Pure versatility.

Green, olive, khaki

In this case, the only shoe color that can completely ruin your outfit is green. And for the rest? Experiment to find your own stylish combinations!

Burgundy and its shades

A pair of burgundy pants will match a lot of other colors, except for purple and dark brown. You can even try to wear it with green or blue shoes to make your outfit look brighter. If your choice is casual classics, then go for different shades of gray.

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