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How to transform old shirts into adorable summer dresses for girls

Even the youngest girls love new dresses - they're girls, after all! If you are ready to put in a little effort, you won't need to spend lots of money on new clothes for your little princess.

We at Bright Side have found some brilliant ideas for transforming dad's old shirts into adorable new dresses that will amaze even the pickiest of little ladies. And dads will now have some free space in their wardrobes!

What you'll need for the remake

  • one of dad's shirts

  • a kid's dress to use as a template

  • scissors

  • threads in colors to match the shirts

  • a piece of chalk or a pencil

  • a sewing machine

  • an hour of your time

A couple of steps before the magic transformation

All of the cute dresses are started in the same way:

  • Put your daughter's dress on top of the shirt. Outline it with a pencil or a piece of chalk.

  • Cut the outline of the dress for your future homemade masterpiece.

  • Sew the sides, shoulders, and sleeves.

  • Sew the neck, collar, and hem.

  • You can also decorate the dress with some extra needlework, sparkles, or a belt.

For serene summer promenades

Here you can learn how to make an adorable dress with wing sleeves out of an old shirt.

Stylish schoolwear

Girls can be elegant even during their school lessons. When creating a dress to be worn when studying or creating art, make sure that it is comfortable and easy to clean. Here's a great option for you.

For games with friends

Light linen and soft rubber bands make such a dress perfect for playing outside. A wonderful idea is presented here.

Comfort and beauty

An old shirt will make a really comfortable and cute little dress, and here is the guide for it.

A picnic special

A comfortable sundress with an original bow will make your girl a real princess. Here are the details for remaking an old shirt.

A charming little lady

It's really easy to sew such a tender and beautiful dress for a little girl. She can wear it to the theater, zoo, or to her friend's house. All the details are in this workshop.

Little Miss Elegance

The sunny belt makes this dress look brighter. Any mom who can use a sewing machine can make it.

For the sea and beach

A lightweight and beautiful sundress for relaxation. Read the tutorial to make it.

A beautiful collar

This cute and elegant little dress is what you'll get if you follow this tutorial.

Two shirts for one dress

Two shirts of different colors can make one great kid's dress. It can be a little tricky to sew, but the whole process is thoroughly described here.

Simple yet elegant

If you have a large shirt at home, you can make an evening dress with a full skirt from it. See the detailed guide here.

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