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I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes When I Saw THIS in My Neighbor’s Garden

A backyard is a nice place to relax and have a rest away from the city and its noisy life. It doesn’t matter if it’s large or small or how often you get there. If you are creative enough, your outdoor space can become a source of joy and positive energy for you and your family.

We at Bright Side hope that our collection of 25 ideas for your garden will inspire you this summer.

Illuminated garden planters will look gorgeous in the evenings. Another lighting idea is a garland of lights.

A rope light would be perfect for illuminating the walkways in your garden.

A beautiful and easy-to-make garden lantern. The instructions are here.

Such a pathway would complete the whole image of your garden. More examples and detailed instructions can be found here and here.

Plastic containers, concrete, and leaves can be used to create beautiful stepping stones. Here are the instructions.

Another smart idea to make your own garden planters.

Aren’t hammocks and swings everything children dream about? Instructions on creating them are right here.

The idea of using pallets is still very popular. 

Quite an interesting version, don't you think?

Old tires covered with ropes would make marvelous seats to use in the backyard. This is how it's done.

Another idea for how to decorate your regular backyard chairs. Check here for more ideas.

This one is for people who love creative and handmade objects. If you have some old chopped wood, then why not use it this way?

Such garden lanterns would look great in your garden. 

A door behind a wine bottle fence just has to lead to a wine vault. Learn here how to make it.

Beautiful stepping stones can be made from ceramic shards and glass gems. Check the detailed instructions here and here.

Your fence doesn’t have to be boring. It can be a show-off if you decorate it with flowers.

Some may want to try this unusual ornamental metal artwork.

Another idea for a fence is to use marbles. It looks delightful, especially under direct sunlight. Look for detailed instructions here.

This mirror illusion is a door into a parallel world. But if you are attentive enough you will notice that the frame is not composite and doesn’t open. Check here to find out how to make this illusion door.

An authentic flowerbed can be made of practically anything. For example, you can try decorating concrete with different small things or maybe planting succulents and hanging them on the wall.

Drawing on stones is a creative activity and a nice decoration for a backyard. They look so much better than the garden sculptures and statues you buy from specialized shops. Check out some more ideas.

Another creative DIY idea! You can let a cute ladybug settle down in your garden. A comprehensive illustrated guide on how to do it can be found here.

Even minor decorations can give your backyard a charming look and an authentic style. More ideas for using rope can be found here. And here you can find out how to make decorative bamboo chimes.

Dried lavender will decorate your garden and remind you of warm summer days all year long.

Rubber borders for a short plastic fence will always bring elegance and definition to your landscape.

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